Last night the Great Britain voted to leave the European Union and restore the British nation’s control over national affairs. This decision, determined by the voters of Great Britain reflects the desire of many countries in Europe and in the United States to determine their own self rule and secure their nations from rising migrations of peoples that are destabilizing Great Britain’s economy, national security and their unique British lifestyle.

The European Union has not exactly been successful since inception. The collective nations that compose the union have made many concessions in order to establish European Union’s laws and regulations that quite frankly are not always complimentary to each individual nation’s particular needs and lifestyles. While the argument might be made that the European Union resembles the structures that govern the United States where the Federal Government and the individual fifty states all maintain their own laws and regulations and work in harmony with each other. This observation is flawed. In the case of the United States and the relationships maintained between the fifty individual states works extremely well because we are all Americans. The European Union is a conglomeration of nations with different histories, languages, cultures and sometimes opposing social and political needs. The European Union offers many conveniences for international travel throughout Europe for example the removal of borders, a common currency the Euro and an intertwined economic system that provides free trade between members of the European Union.

However, the truth really is that the synthetic development of the European Union has not equally provided economic development for all of the members of the EU. Germany’s industrial and economic dominance of the European Union often has had to supplement the failing economies of other members of the EU at Germany’s expense. Amazingly, Germany is perhaps the most powerful member of the European Union despite having been divided as a result of the Second World War, and finally restored to one Germany in the late 1980’s.

The British decision to exit the European Union is rooted in the desire to take back total control of the administration of their borders and control immigration. The unstable nations of the Middle East, and the rise of radical Islam has made this step necessary for the United Kingdom because for decades Islamic immigrants have flooded Europe and Great Britain, stressing the social health systems, caused domestic disharmony and created at atmosphere of life that is increasingly causing Great Britain and the rest of the European Union to loose their own unique identities, politically, culturally and socially.

The rise of radical Islamic terrorism is plaguing Continental Europe. The vicious and brutal attacks by terrorists are well known and unfortunately as this commentary is being written most likely more are being planned. Radical Islam’s unchecked spread is indistinguishable from truly innocent Islamic migrants, however he United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union can no longer take the chances of mistakes because we are engaged in a global war against radical Islam. Britain for her own internal and international security needs to secure itself and correct the errors decades of membership i the European Union have caused.

The greatest British figure of the 20th century, Sir Winston Churchill would consider this move by the British people as one of positive monumental consequences. Frankly, if he were alive at the initiation of the European Union, he most likely would have opposed membership in the European Union for Great Britain from the onset. Sir Winston possessed a unique understanding of Britain’s need to remain strong, independent and keenly skeptical of any political relationships with the European neighbors that were just across, the British Channel.

Today’s vote by the British people is a victory similar to the same victory experienced at the end of the Second World War. The European Union’s stability and longevity is most likely in a critical state of deterioration. The British people have made the choice that will only strengthen the status of Great Britain and restore control to the British Government unfettered with Continental European duties and obligations. The Common Market and the European Union are institutions that need to internally consider their collective purposes and perhaps realize that in the 21st century they are already antiquated.

The people of the United States should also observe this action of Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union with great consideration. The United States is experiencing the same maladies that have plagued the U.K. for decades. While the present American Administration looks towards a liberal outcome for unchecked immigration and economic policies that threaten the stability of the middle class in the United States, we should mirror our British cousin’s actions and secure our borders, stabilize our domestic and international economies and restore our American identity to make America great again.

Winston Churchill wanted the United Kingdom to live life with Europe, but not as a part of it. I think the votes of the British people have effectively reflected Winston’s sentiments…good for them!

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