While most attorneys and most judges deal with a wide variety of unrelated matter that is not the case with attorney Brent Coon and Judge Donald Floyd in Texas. Both seem permanently engaged in a huge Asbestos law suit. This single subject seems to absorb the vast majority of the monthly court docket.

The suit was filed in 2004 with Brent Coon representing more than 2,000 plaintiffs against around 400 corporations. The suit alleges the plaintiffs, or their deceased family members, were “exposed to large quantities of asbestos or asbestos-related products from the defendants, resulting in a variety of respiratory and other diseases.”

Asbestos was the wonder material of the first half of the 20th century, its wonderful heat resistant and insulation properties made it a darling of the building industry, alas those properties came at a high price for those working with it. The list of medical issues caused by Asbestos is compendious, with methelioma, and Asbestosis being the best well known.

Coon’s latest victory came on Monday May/5 when he reached a settlement on behalf of 5 of his clients, Steve Atkins, Clifton Hightower, Jackie Lytle, Elenora Demore and Judith Mullens. To say this was an eleventh hour victory is a bit of an understatement, the pool of would be jurors were about to enter the courtroom when the news was announced.

Simon Barrett


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