Breaking News:Yankuba Darboe Exposed!!!UK Home Office take note of an asylum faker!!
Today, we shall expose how vindictive some Gambians can be. Gambians would be shocked to learn that our new enemy in the person of Yankuba Darboe, alias “Yanks” currently residing in the United Kingdom, was at some point trying to solicit favors from us here at Freedom. Darboe who was hardly known as a “serious journalist” in the Gambia, wanted us to lie in an affidavit that he was a staffer of the Freedom Newspaper. His intentions were to deceive the UK Immigration to secure his much anticipated asylum dream. Darboe had criminal tendencies in him, which we would  expose, as we go in this master piece revelations.

As a matter of principle, this paper declined his request  in May of 2006 to summit an affidavit to his attorney, in which he Darboe wants us to adduce that  he was a staffer of the Freedom Newspaper. Darboe made repeated phone calls to the Freedom Newspaper just to lure us into such schemes designed to fool the UK Immigration Home Office, but we refused to be part of such deceptive schemes. In some instances, he would leave a voice mail for the Editor, requesting to be called back. There are phone records available to back up our assertions.

Darboe supposedly a legal mind, ought to have known better about the implications of  submitting false evidence to  government agencies, especially on matters relating to asylum. Little, did Darboe knows that asylum claims filed under false pretense can be revoked if  the issuing authorities are in possession  of material evidence that such applicants obtained their status through fraudulent means. And this  was exactly, what Yankuba Darboe wanted us to do for him, which we declined in the strongest terms.

Whether he had succeeded in deceiving the UK Immigration, is a subject of investigation later, but what is evident is that Yankuba Darboe had never suffered any form of persecution in the Gambia over the years. We are not aware of Darboe being arrested at any given time. We can state  that this paper had never supported any asylum application for these “join the list” journalists trying to beat the system.  We have received bunch of request in the past,  but we always declined such requests.

Since Yankuba Darboe is openly provoking us, the Freedom Newspaper had no choice but to defend its integrity. If the UK government is interested about getting to bottom of the truth in Darboe’s case, we are ready to testify against him at any court of law. Here is a person trading on falsehood  just to meet his long term desires. These are dangerous signals for a young man aspiring to be a lawyer. A lawyer should armed himself with the truth and nothing but the truth. We have seen in the past lawyers being kicked out from their profession because of corruption related cases. The earlier Darboe give up his “shady life” the better it would be for him.

For the records, this paper  had never returned any of  Darboe’s  phone calls. Darboe one evening was able to get hold of the Freedom Newspaper on the line. He first informed us that he alerted Editor Omar Bah to leave the Gambia, as his personal information was forwarded to the Gambia Post and Gambia L mailing lists by Ebou Jallow. Darboe sounded happy about the hacking, as he thought that this was an opportune moment for him to secure status in the UK.

Darboe then informed us that his name was of part of the list of Freedom Newspaper subscribers published by the Daily Observer. Darboe said under the circumstances, it was suicidal for him to return to the Gambia in the short term, since his name was being associated with a critical and independent paper like the Freedom Newspaper. He then explained to us that he had in mind filing an asylum, but wanted the Freedom Newspaper editor to vouch in an affidavit that he Darboe was a staffer of this paper. He also wanted us to be giving him space to be publishing commentaries during the period in question to beef up his intended asylum application.

In response, the Freedom Newspaper Editor told Darboe that his  paper cannot lie in a deposition that he works for Freedom, when  in actual fact he was not even affiliated with us in the first place. The Freedom Newspaper Editor also made it loud and clear to Darboe that one being a subscriber of Freedom does not qualify  one  to be a staffer. Our Editor respectively declined his request. Up to this date, there is no single Gambian who can say that the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper had  written an affidavit for him. We refused to be used by people with ulterior motives.

Darboe then volunteered to be interviewed on “his role to facilitate Omar Bah’s escape”  from the Gambia. Perhaps, he was using the said interview to build up his supposedly asylum case. We treated the said story with caution, because Darboe was all the time interested about  projecting  his image as a potential target for persecution. We reported the story professionally. We also told Darboe that we have no problem with him writing as a private contributor, but as a matter of principle, this paper cannot be used for one’s own selfish interest. We have material evidence to that effect to prove Darboe’s past commentaries he filed to the Freedom Newspaper.

In one of his pieces,  he lamented about how difficult it was to win an asylum case in the UK. This was the period when Sheriff Bojang  junior was deported from the UK. Though, Darboe fails to share his personal experiences with his readers. These are  the true colors of Yankuba Darboe. He is a fake.

In our next piece, we would expose a Gambian  who  borrowed  money from the University of The Gambia, but was yet to pay the money back. Stay tuned. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones. Journalists are supposed to be honest and not corrupt. Corruption hinders development. We must be clean first, before calling for accountability!!!

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Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, July 31, 2007)
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