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Spouces of Gambian Ministers left several thousands of dollars of unpaid US hospital bills when they come here to deliver, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mami Minteh Touray wife of Gambia’s Fisheries Minister Yankuba Touray reportedly left unpaid hospital bills at a Raleigh hospital recently sources disclosed. Due to high hospital bills, patients like Mami usually declared medicare even though they are not legally entitled to such waivers.

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Mami Minteh
The United States has been targeted off late by corrupt Gambian Ministers who sent their spouces here for delivery. Beside, securing US citizenship for their new born seblings, the Ministers want their kids to be taken care off by the state. Most of the kids born in this country are usually taken back to African after delivery despite holding social security number, birth certificate and a passport.

In the case of Mami Touray, she had three US kids. In all her deliveries she declared medicare. There is no indication to suggest that she will ever pay the said hospital bills. Mami left Raleigh NC recently for the Gambia.

Meanwhile, some Gambians told the Freedom Newspaper that the said piece which was reported earlier by this paper had drawn the attention of local embassy officials in that West African country. Some Gambians were reportedly denied visa in view of unpaid hospital bills sources revealed. The said report could not be independently confirmed by embassy officials at press time but what is clear is that there are tight conditions set for US visas these days.

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