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Ebrima Dibba, a former Security officer attached to Gambia’s firebrand politician Lamin Waa has accused his former political mentor and colleague Mbarodi of being a “political prostitute who is at this hour trying to sell himself to the Ruling Party.” Dibba who is based in Washington Seattle, also a strong supporter of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) charged that”Juwara Lamin waa Juwara is a political prostitute who put self interest ahead of national interest. He has betrayed the struggle by openly campaigning for the APRC candidate Essa Saidykan with the sole intention of undermining the UDP led alliance. Our party militants saw him in Niamina Dankunku, where he toured house to house calling on residents to vote for Essa. Waa is not only a political prostitute but also a desperate failed politician. It’s only the APRC that’s going to entertain him and not any progressive party.”

Dibba who contacted this paper to air his opposition to Waa’s alleged move to support the APRC candidate accuses Juwara of being too cheap to mortgage his political career over night for nothing. “What the Freedom Newspaper reported is a fact and I’m here by confirming that he is supporting the APRC candidate. The UDP harbours no grudges against Waa, but he should stop his lies against the party. Juwara’s last minute association with the APRC is not going to affect the UDP in anyway. I spoke to our candidate Samba Jallow who also confirmed to me that Lamin Waa Juwara is shamelessly campaigning for the APRC candidate Essa Saidykhan. Gambians should now know what type of person Waa is. He’s unprincipled and lacked morals.”Dibba further fumed.

Gambia’s Electoral Commission declared Wednesday as campaign proper for this year’s legislative elections campaign. Candidates vying for NAM seats have started preparing for their campaign trail activities.

Mr.Dibba, a onetime Gambia Student Union propaganda secretary, for the first time has decided to send his former friend Waa Juwara to the cleaners with his wild accusations against Mbarodi.” I know Waa more than any of those people trying to make noise. Waa has never been an honest person. His own uncle Sir Dawada Kairaba Jawara disowned him. He is only interested to lead when he lacked leadership qualities.”

According to Ebrima Dibba,Waa Juwara made numerous attempts to offer him Executive role in his NDAM opposition party which he refuses to accept. “Waa even selected me as NDAM propaganda secretary which I declined for principle grounds. Lamin Waa Juwara’s political history is not clean. He is only in for leadership and not a follower. I cannot work with such a person. He behaves as if he knows politics when he is not. I don’t have respect for flip-flopping politicians like Waa.”

Dibba believes that Waa Juwara had outlived his usefulness to his profession and it was time for Waa to call it quits. Waa he said, is a liability to his party,NADD and the Gambia as a nation.”Waa should gracefully retire from politics since he is not delivering the goods. His own people don’t like him. He failed in past elections. He is a spent force who cannot bring any votes for the APRC. Waa is not a problem to the UDP. We thought it necessary to expose him to Gambians and the outside world. He’s a faked.”

In this marathon interview, the controversial UDP youth wing member charged that Waa was not “sincre” with the UDP leadership. “Waa is being ungrateful with the UDP. He was bailed out  from jail in 1996 by the UDP. The UDP filed a suit on his behalf to seek compensation for him since his rights were abused by the state. He was paid and he never gave any dime to the UDP. On top of that, he was provided with security. I was one of those security officers assigned to Waa. I spent months at his house guarding him. We put our lives on the line to secure him. Pa Manneh of NADD was among the security officers who used to guard Waa. There are other UDP Youth wing security officers who can attest to this fact.  I cannot believe that Waa Juwara can be so ungrateful to team up with the APRC, a party that at some point wanted to kill him because of his association with the UDP. We could have been killed on our line of duty by trying to secure Waa. Waa has really let us down.”

Dibba who hailed from kombo Brikama, has been a supporter of the opposition UDP way back his tender age. “I can remember in one of our meetings in Kiang, where Waa Juwara cried  like a child to lament the type of torture he was exposed to by the APRC regime. If Waa can turn around to support an APRC candidate then Gambians should see him as a mad man. Waa is sick for real. We have been vindicated about our past stories about  Waa’s sickness.”

Dibba never speared the leadership of the opposition NADD.”Even NADD is opposed to his action. NADD officials should be honest with Gambians and tell us their position on Waa’s conduct. They have betrayed Gambians, but history will judge them. Those trying defend Waa should shut the hell up. I have evidence to confirm that he is in Niamina Dankunku campaigning for the APRC candidate.” he concluded.

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