Breaking News:Waa Juwara Defends NDAM’S Withdrawal from NADD!!

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NDAM’S Lamin Waa Juwara, speaking from his sick bed in Brikama, has  dismissed allegations that he was on the verge of teaming up with the Jammeh government  in a bid to  foster the affairs of the impoverished West African state. The controversial politician who had leg pain, recently issued a terse statement announcing his party’s withdrawal from the opposition NADD. Ever since, speculations were rife in town that Juwara was poised to join the Ruling APRC, under the leadership of President Yahya Jammeh. His action to withdraw NDAM from  NADD never went down well with his party’s youth President Pa Manneh. Manneh in an interview with the Banjul based Point Newspaper accuses Juwara of being a “traitor” who operates party affairs without the consent of the NDAM’S main executive. Mr.Manneh even went as far calling on Juwara to leave NDAM alone if he Juwara had in mind of joining the APRC.

Due to his recent ailing health condition, the firebrand politician could not respond to the charges brought against him by his own party’s executive member. Members of the private press have been storming his Brikama home in a bid to solicit reaction from the Niamina Dankunku self styled lion, but without success. Juwara told reporters that once he emerges from his sick bed, he would make a statement.

Late Sunday evening the Freedom Newspaper reached Mr.Juwara on the line to Banjul and this what he had to say ”What’s the noise about? We have decided to withdraw NDAM from NADD, because the memorandum of understanding we signed had expired. It’s as simple as that. NDAM is active on the ground.”

Mr.Juwara says he was aware of Pa Manneh’s allegations, but asked to be given time to respond accordingly. “As I’m talking to you I’m in bed. I have what the wollofs called “Naap.” I got a leg pain. I told the press that I cannot make a statement until I recovered. I have no intention of joining the APRC. Joining them for what?” Juwara asked.

Earlier on, the Freedom Newspaper contacted NDAM’S Deputy leader Ousainou Mbenga, in Mary Land for comments but Mr.Mbenga referred this paper to Waa Juwara, the party’s leader. Mr.Mbenga said they were working on some stuff and would inform the press once they were done.

NDAM’S withdrawal from NADD has been a subject of discussion in the country. But Waa Juwara said it was wrong for people to blow the issue out  of proportion. Juwara says the move was normal.

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