Gambia’s leading, fearless and most outspoken politician Lamin Waa Juwara has accuses the UDP/NRP led Alliance of trying to “kill NADD as a legitimate and credible” political party in the Gambia by sponsoring National Assembly candidate in Serre-Kunda Central Halifa Sallah’s main base and elsewhere across the impoverished West African country.”They are just spoilers. They sponsored a candidate in Serrekunda Central to split the votes so that Halifa Sallah would lose. And as flag bearer of NADD with the aim of killing NADD. Any serious contender could not have noticed what happened during the Presidential elections. And if they reject a tactical alliance which they did, you know that these people are not credible opposition elements. They are trying to kill NADD as a credible political party.”Alleges Waa Juwara widely known as the Niamina Dankunku lion.

Mr.Juwara’s allegations against the UDP/NRP led Alliance comes amid wild speculations that he was in Niamina Dankunku to campaign for the APRC sponsored candidate Essa Saidykhan. Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper at his Brikama home,Mr.Juwara rubbishes such speculations, while accusing NRP’S Hamat Bah of being behind such “black mailing” tactics. Mbarodi who was in a hurry to clear the air when contacted remarked”Pa Nderry, I have been waiting for your call. It’s good that you have called. I want to end this nonsense propaganda being spread by Hamat Bah and his people. Hamat is the one spreading all these nonsense, because one of my strong supporters was confronted by Hamat  in the person of Dr.Alamin and he(Bah) told Alamin that he (Alamin) provided me with two vehicles and money to go and campaign for the APRC. Dr.Alamin telephoned and relayed this message to me. I told him that it is now clear that Hamat Bah is lying. How can he (Dr.Alamin) provide with me vehicles and money and turn around to enquire about something that’s new to him? It’s all lies and cheap propaganda.”

Juwara adds that if he had defected to the Ruling APRC, the government controlled media, Radio Gambia would have reported it more than twenty times, while insisting that he is part and parcel of NADD.

Mr.Juwara also accuses the UDP led alliance of betraying the opposition since according to him” they refused to take part in any form of  tactical alliance” to tackle the Jammeh dictatorship.

“Tactically, it would not make sense for two candidates to come from Niamina Dankunku village and allow Hamat Bah to put a candidate in Niamina Jessadi. And I robbed NRP of the opportunity by declining to contest. And if that means NRP losing the seat,so be it. It was a trap that was hatched by the NRP and now they are in a ditch. Why should  they cry foul? They are now in a trap.”said the former sofa University political scientist.

When asked if he was going to urge his supporters to vote for the NRP candidate, Juwara retorted”I don’t even need to advise them to vote for any party. If they could vote for Sana Jallow and turn around vote for Kebba Nget, do I need to advise them to vote for Saidykhan? I think the scenario is very clear. Juwara supporting the APRC should not only be confined to the Niaminas but country wide. It makes no sense.”

Further asked whether Saidykhan was his friend and a former supporter Waa  remarked”Accidentally I come from Dankunku village and Saidykhan comes from Dankunku too. I’m not a  supporter of the NRP because they betrayed the alliance and refused to be part of a tactical alliance. Will it make sense for me to tell my supporters to vote for the NRP candidate? Obviously, I will be killing myself if I do that.”

Commenting on his non participation on the January National Assembly elections, Mbarodi said such a move was a waste of time and energy.”Why should I go into an election that I know I will lose because there are two candidate for one small village Dankunku. The two candidates are unknown. It’s a question of making the right decision at the right time. Are they not the spoilers if they are really being credible opposition party?”

He added”That’s not the issue now. Let get the issue straight. I declined to contest and now is the APRC versus NRP in Dankunku. Whom do you think I should support? I’m not APRC and I’m not NRP. Everybody knows,I carry a lot of weight in Niamina Dankunku as a former member of Parliament for Niamina. Should I support NRP and lose my home base to Hamat Bah or should I support APRC? To me, it’s left to the people to decide which side to support. And if Hamat is not interested in the opposition winning that seat and rejecting a tactical alliance. I have categorically told him in the face that I will not support him because Saloum is to Hamat Bah as a political base, Niamina is to me as a political base. I have categorically told him that I will not support him because of their betrayal when they walked out of the NADD alliance. I want everybody to understand that I cannot subscribe to an opposition element that are tribally base and that’s the politics they have introduced in Niamina. Because the NRP, is a toranka base political entity now in the Niaminas. That’s what has been happening. It’s very filthy and very dirty because currently all the supporters of the APRC that are fullas have switched their alliance for NRP simply because the APRC have sponsored a mandika candidate in Dankunku and in Katimina in Niamina West. This is filthy and dirty politics that needs to be contained and destroyed once and for all.”

Juwara says it would be impossible for him to run against the opposition in his own home village.”Pa Nderry, you know the terrain in the Niaminas. You comes from that end. Your are familiar with the politics in Niamina. Juwara standing for NADD in Dankunku,Essa Saidykhan for the APRC, the NRP candidate in Jessadi and tactically that would be stupid of me.If the opposition is really serious why not accept a tactical alliance?” he posited.

Making reference to his 1996 detention by the former junta Juwara said”You know that the APRC in 1996, whilst I was in detention sponsored Sana Jallow from Nianikunda as the APRC candidate. And in 2001,the National Assembly elections that was boycotted by the UDP, the APRC sponsored Kebba Nget who was wollof. All the people in Dankunku voted for him including my supporters supported him because we didn’t put up any candidate. And now in these elections,the APRC sponsored Saidykhan from Dankunku and I as a NADD member we did not sponsor anybody. Why should they think that if this time around if the people support Saidykhan that’s Juwara’s making? In 1996, it was a fulla.In 2001, is a wollof.In 2007 is a Mandinka. All these sponsored by the APRC. And all being opposed by the NRP. Why should they think that’s my making? Why should they be crying foul now? Sana Jallow was the National Assembly member, followed by Kebba Nget and Saidykhan is vying for the position.Why Juwara being blamed? That’s absolute rubbish. Juwara comes from Dankunku and Saidykhan come from Dankunku. In two successive elections the NRP has been defeated there. I will not support the NRP.”

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