Breaking News:US Embassy Remembers Justice Marshall!
US Embassy Remembers Justice Marshall

US Ambassador Says”Marshall became the first African American to be appointed to the US Supreme Court.”

By Our National Correspondent Landing Badjie

The US embassy in Banjul lately hosted a reception in honour of Justice Thurgood Marshall.The reception, held at the lush lawn of the residence of the US ambassador overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, was in commemoration of the legacy of the late Justice Marshall who was advocating for justice for all irrespective  of colour, creed or status.
In his speech to the invited guests, Mr Joseph D. Stafford, the US ambassador to The Gambia, recounted that Justice Marshall was a supreme court judge who fought for just legislations that eventually broke down racial barriers in the US, including segregation.
According to the diplomat, Justice Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1908 and has won many cases for the National Association for the advancement of Coloured people as a lawyer.

” He became the first African American to be appointed to the US Supreme Court where he served until 1991.He met his death in Maryland in 1993,”Mr Stafford said.
For her part, the US deputy chief of mission, Patricia Alsup,said that Justice Marshall ‘stunning’ record has reflected on the great  Legal Defence Fund dedicated to provide legal assistance to poor African Americans.

Speaking on behalf of the Bar association, Mr Salieu Taal asserted that Justice Marshall was one of the most influential people in the history of human rights and had also fought for the rights and civil liberties of black people not only in America but in Africa as well.
” He would never be forgotten for by Africa for the role he played in the liberation of Africa from colonialism, including the drafting of the constitutions of emerging African states such as Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana,” he concluded..

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