Breaking News:US Consular Comments On Visa Fraud in The Gambia! Over 3000 Gambians denied Visa!
US Consular Comments On Visa Fraud in The Gambia!

“We are working in tandem with the immigration and the
police to stem visa fraud-related cases such as women seeking
visas with the intention of giving birth to a child in the US, marriage fraud and inappropriate business ventures.”says US Consular Chris Zimmer at a press briefing.

As US Embassy Launches Online Visa Application in The Gambia

By Landing Badjie Our National Correspondent

The Consular at the United States Embassy in Banjul has embarked upon a
communications offensive, informing the general public that visa application
has now been shifted to online electronic application.Mr Chris Zimmer informed the Gambian media that visa applicants are now saved the journey as they can now apply by visiting  According to him, about 6,036 applicants applied for a US visa in 2005/6 inThe Gambia, but only 2,737 were able to secure it, adding that about 33 people were caught using fake identities in the past.

Mr Zimmer explained that popular destinations for visa applicants in Banjul
are New York, Maryland, Seattle, Atlanta and Detroit. He stated that they are working in tandem with the immigration and the police to stem visa fraud-related cases such as women seeking visas with the intention of giving birth to a child in the US, marriage fraud and inappropriate business ventures.

” My office is here to facilitate easy travelling of US citizens and those
Gambians with genuine reasons of travelling to the US. We are therefore
working tirelessly to ensure this is done,” Mr Zimmer posited.
Ms Mary Rose, an embassy staff, made a demonstration to the press as how to
fill a visa application on line.

Sidia Doubts Jammeh

A heavy-weight opposition politician have doubted Jammeh’s promise of
positively transforming The Gambia in next five years to come when he cannot
ameliorate the woes of collegians at the Gambia College in Brikama.
Hon.Jatta, a one-time presidential aspirant, was responding to Mr Jammeh’s
statement in Kanilai that Gambians would be surprised by the pace of
development that his administration has packaged for the next five years to
But Wuli East’s Sidia Jatta was not convinced because according to him, if
Jammeh cannot help improve the plight of those expected to form the human
resource base of the nation, then it would be next to impossibility for him
to ‘miraculously’ transform the country to an enviable nation-state.
During the adjournment debate at the National Assembly, Hon. Jatta informed
the august body that the plight of students at the Gambia College campus in
Brikama warrants a consideration since that higher institution of learning
has contributed immensely to the intellectual, social and economic wellbeing
of many prominent Gambians today. He pointed out that the government’s
devil-may-care attitude to the college is enough an indication that they are
pushing collegians to rent in Brikama and finally put an end to college
” If  the government cannot maintain a college; the oldest tertiary
institution in the country, how on earth can they maintain a university
campus,” Jatta asked rhetorically.
The Gambia College students are no strangers to hunger, congested boarding
rooms, non-payment of stipends among many other woes. This was all the more
reason, many doubts the Gambia government’s claim of commitment to the
education of the Gambia people and the government is challenged to rise up
to the occasion if they must not only be committed but be seen to be
committed to providing relevant education to her people.

Makeshift Sructures Behind State House Concerns Authorities

There is a growing concern over mushrooming of illegal structures around the
State House in Banjul.
The backyard of State House is home to numerous makeshift structures that
have now concerned the authorities. The authorities in Banjul are yet to
explain whether the illegal structures around State House are a major
security breach but they don’t mince their words when the National Assembly
in Banjul called for the immediate elimination of such structures.
At the National Assembly in Banjul this week, deputies made passionate
appeals on relevant authorities to spare no effort and time in ridding off
no.1 Marina Parade of squatters.
Indeed, it was not only the State House in Banjul that is threatened by
sprouting of illegal structures. Due to inadequate housing and population
explosion in major towns that can be traced to rural-urban drift, refugee
influx and poor town planning, illegal structures have now come to stay in
The Gambia. Most of these structures are used as dwelling houses for the
impoverished population that cannot afford the throat-cutting rent fees in
towns and cities. The structures are also used as shops for those who cannot
bribe municipal authorities to be allocated space.
In another development, vendors at the Brikama main market would soon find a
new direction if plans by the Brikama Area Council jells. Though, the area
that they currently occupy is to be transformed to a cold store for their
use, many vendors lamented that the relocation would take a toll on their
businesses. But to Serign Modou Joof, BAC’s image maker, the relocation is
aimed at improving the place for the vendors.

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