Breaking News:UN named new UNDP boss for Gambia!
By Senior Staff Writer, Justice Sam Banjul.

A new UNDP representative to the Gambia has been named, the Freedom Newspaper can confirm. Adama Guindo, a Malian has since been accredited to the Gambia as the new UN Missions chief. Guindo replaces the expelled UNDP strong woman who was declared persona non grata by the Jammeh government. Her troubles started when she openly criticizes the President’s aids cure discovery. The expelled diplomat believed that  such irresponsible and misleading announcements was  going to promote risky behaviors in a country, where its youth population had been devastated by the aids pandemic over the years.

Insiders at the UNDP offices said the new representative had reaffirmed his commitment to work with the Gambian government in the area of health and other developmental needs.”The new representative must avoid countering the President’s policies and aids program. The President said he careless how the UN and other agencies perceived him. He said he had found cure for aids and no one can make him change his mind on his new aids discovery. The UNDP office have two choices. One, to join the President to help cure the aids sufferers or to avoid interfering with his “spiritual gift” to tackle aids. As we speak, he has called on his patients to stop using anti-retroviral drugs. He said such drugs shorten the lives of aids patients. He said the West just want to make mony by inventing such drugs. This what he told us at a meeting.”said an official of Gambia’s health Ministry.

Efforts to reach the new UNDP chief for comments proved futile.

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Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007)
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