Breaking News:Two Directors of the World Bank Million Dollars Aids Program in Gambia Resigned!
Bombshell At Gambia’s Aids Secretariat-Two Directors Resigned In Protest Against Jammeh’s Claims For Aids Cure!



Gambia Gov’t Likely To Face World Bank sanctions!

By Our Health Correspondent

The Director of Gambia’s National Aids Secretariat Saihou Ceesay alongside with Aisha Baldeh an official of the Secretariat have resigned in protest ,following the President’s dangerous announcement that he had found cure for aids. The two officials have notified the Gambian Government their intention of quitting their employment with the state with immediate effect. Mr.Ceesay who used to work at the Department of State for Health Aids prevention unit was assigned to head the World Bank multi-million Dolars aids fund that was designed to curb the country’s rapid aids infection rate. Concerned by the implications of the President’s so called claims for aids cure, Ceesay and Madam Bah had decided to call it quit. Shock and disbelief gripped NASS staffers, as the Directors walked out of  their offices in protest against Jammeh’s claims for aids cure. While some government sources say the two were forced to resign or risked being sacked, information reaching this paper have it that both Ceesay and Baldeh refused to be associated with the ongoing state campaign to promote Jammeh’s aids cure. Alieu Jammeh manager of Gambia’s  National Aids Control program has been named as the Director of the National Aids Secretariat.

While the Gambian leader is attracting the world’s attention on his aids cure story, many health officials here are saddened by the country’s health future. Most of health officials are afraid to speak out against the President’s claims in fear of reprisal from the state. The United Nations representative to the Gambia was blasted by the government for merely disagreeing with the President’s assertion that he had now got cure for aids.

Mrs.Aisha Baldeh was the Global Fund administrator at the National Aids Secretariat. She also had resigned from her position. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Gambian government was likely to be suspended from the World Bank Aids funds since the head of state was spreading messages undermining the global efforts to tackle the aids pandemic. Health Ministry sources say they received several protest letters from aids campaigners regarding the President’s wild claims on Aids cure.

NASS, which used to be operating own its own, had be transferred to the Department of Health. Such a move according to sources I spoke to was intended to sustain the institution in the event of a World Bank sanctions against the Gambian government. It’s gathered that the World Bank don’t condone  governments who do not manifest political will to tackle the disease. For a country to qualify for the said million dollars aids funds, its leadership must prove that it has the political will to complement world bank’s efforts to fight aids. That said, it is now clear that the Gambian government is provoking firms like the world bank with their fake claim for hiv/aids, said an observer.

President Yahya Jammeh recently insisted that he had cure for aids. He refuses to allow his patients blood samples to be tested outside the Gambian frontiers when confronted by the international media. Jammeh says he don’t need to  convince anybody about his aids cure story while insisting that he can cure aids and shall continue to cure the country’s aids patients. Mr.Jammeh who uses the Koran, bananas and other African charms says he thanked God for having found a major breakthrough on the world’s worse disease Hiv/Aids. Jammeh had registered close to 100 Hiv patients at his clinic in Banjul. The country’s Health Minister Dr.Mbowe serves as his outpatient clerk. Mbowe schedules Hiv patients for appointments before they could see Dr.Jammeh.

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