A top Gambian  police chief has released a damning report regarding the “gruesome murder” of about 50 Ghanaian Nationals in the Gambia, in the year 2005. The report catalogued a state sponsored “genocide” against what the police chief calls “innocent Ghanaians” who were mistaken as dissident rebels poised to disrupt Jammeh’s so called “military revolution.” which led to the sudden withdrawal of the Gambian leader from the coup celebrations, amidst reports that there was an imminent security threat. The police chief, who self styled himself as Sekouba Jadama,  in a dispatch to the Freedom Newspaper gave a vivid account about how the Ghanaians were summarily executed and later dumped by their killers mainly State Guard solders. The police chief was part of the  investigating team detailed to take the photographs of the murdered Ghanaians and also to gather evidence regarding the circumstance surrounding the incident. The police chief says Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh issued orders for the killing of the Ghanaians and had even volunteered names of security officials involved in the said massacre of Ghanaians. The late Captain Tumbul Tamba, Major Musa Jammeh and LT.Kawsu Camara alias Bombaredeh were said to be the ring leaders behind the said mass killings of Ghanaians in the Gambia. The top police chief is calling on the international Community, including the Ghanaian Government to expedite efforts to bring Yahya Jammeh to justice. He believes that the crime committed by Jammeh and his security forces by denying these Ghanaians the right to live tantamount to “genocide” and crime against humanity. He says all hands should be put on deck to try Jammeh of the Gambia on genocide charges. Below is the full text of Jadama’s piece. Please read on…

By Sekouba Jadama from the Police Headquarters in Banjul.

Dear Editor,

First of all, I would like to thank you sincerely for giving me space in your online Newspaper. An online Newspaper, which is telling Gambians, nothing but the truth. With regards to  the above subject matter, I want all readers to carefully observe whatever is being said here. I would also appeal to other online Newspapers to share this information. The debate on the above mentioned subject, has been going on for sometime now and I believe that it is time for the whole world to take note and prepare ways and means of bringing His Excellency, Dr Alhaji Yahaya to justice. Jammeh should face the International Criminal Court, the [ICC] since he spearheaded the “Ghanaian genocide” in the Gambia. The Ghanaian Government should ensure that Justice is seen to be done in this high profile crime against humanity. Sincerely, I was not present when the gruesome murder of  these Ghanaians took place on that faithful night in the Gambia, but I was involved in the investigations at the preliminary stages.

Dear Gambians and friends of the Gambia, we want to make it loud and clear that members of the Gambia Police Force at the Headquarters level, were not aware of what happened on Friday the 22nd July 2005, but some senior Police Officers were in the picture the following day Saturday the 23rd July 2005. It’s rather disturbing that up to today, the Gambian Police, nor the Government have not said anything about the circumstances that led to the death of these Ghanaians.

It would  be recalled that Pa Jallow,the former spokesman of the Gambia Police Force, was the Commissioner for Crime Management [CMC] at the time of this incident. Before going  into details, I would like to tell Gambians that July 22 ND was celebrated in the traditional way of a Guard of Honour along the  Independence Drive, opposite the Supreme Court Complex in Banjul. The same night, there was a cultural jamboree at the July 22 square, attended by the Government, Cabinet Ministers, the civil society and people from all walks of life. His Excellency was in attendance.

While at the occasion, a telephone call suddenly came from the NIA Officer posted at Barra that some West African Nationals have been arrested  and their motives were to destabilize the celebrations of the July 22. Ousman Sonko was present as the Inspector General of Police, Daba Marena as DG NIA and Ndure Cham as Chief of Staff. The Deputy Inspector General of Police then was Abu Njie,who is a native of Nuimi. Instructions were passed immediately for their detention and Abu Njie used his cellular  phone to contact a mini van known as   “Gelegele” owner   to be on standby to transport the arrested West African Nationals.

The Banjul/Barra ferry has already closed at the material time. Instructions were given to the Managing Director of the Ports Mr.Gibba to dispatch the ferry without further delay to Barra.  Guest what happened? His Excellency was advised to return to the State House immediately and walahi,(swearing)  he ran hurriedly and was saying “deal with them, deal with them” as he was trembling while going home. If this is a lie, I pray to God that let me be involved in a deadly  car crash on my way home. I was there present! The ferry and the navy boat went to barra and collected these innocent people under armed escort provided by the State Guard and the Police Intervention Unit personnel. They were first taken to the Naval Headquarters, just next by the Ports, later to the Police Intervention base in Kanifing and some at the seized Baba Jobe residence at  Kotu. The arrested Ghanaian Nationals were later taken away by  the late Captain Tumbul Tamba, Musa Jammeh, the famous “Bombarde” Kawsu Camara, some officers and NIA Intelligence officers.There were no Police Officers present, except our IGP Ousman Sonko. He  was there. The news broke the following day Saturday the 23rd, that some people were found dead  in Brufut. Pa Jallow called his senior and junior staff to converge at the scene. Jallow will not deny  this.

Our investigating team then  went to Brufut and discovered that the bodies  were scattered all over the bushes with deep cuts from heads to eyes and broken noses. Only eight bodies were found at Brufut and rest could not  be seen, but reliable information received indicates that  the rest of the dead were dumped around Batokunku. Infact, those bodies found at Brufut were to be taken to Batokunku, but because it was coming to daybreak, the killers decided to dump them there. The CMC and his team were picking bits and pieces until all the bodies were photographed and loaded into an open pickup and in the Brufut Ambulance and destined for Banjul. Apart from Sonko and Jallow whom, I admired for his professionalism, there was no one from from the ARMY or the NIA.

The news of the brutal murder was not covered by the National Radio and Television at all, whilst the following day, a story on Darfur was on the News and that was exactly on the 24th Sunday. On Monday the 25th July, the CMC called us again and gave us specific instructions to work on and report to him for onward transmission to the Inspector General of Police Ousman Sonko. We all agreed to meet the CMC in three hours, the same day. I’m  sure Pa Jallow will not deny this, because he is a professional and also a good officer, who knows where to hit if its comes to investigations. This is a guy who was trained by Pa Wally Njie,Pa Mbaye,Foday Barry and one of the few Police Officers, who received professional Police training. He can fit in any department of the Police.

When Jallow was the Spokesman of the Police, we saw the difference in terms of media relation, as he had handled the press very well and am sure you will agree! He resigned from that post based on his professionalism and principles. Jallow was immediately removed from the office of CMC on that Monday, as he awaits for reports from us. This was unbelievable!  When he told us of his immediate transfer, all the staff of the Crime Management were dumb founded because the officer was doing a good job. He was asked to report to the Traffic Division as Commissioner, which he accepted in good faith and did a wonderful job there as well. All the media Houses in the Gambia can confirm this including the GRTS on his Sunday Talk shows and Weekend News upbeat show with Malick Jones on Saturdays.

I’m mentioning this because he was victimized for knowing those responsible and I hope My friend and colleague will not take offense for me mentioning his name. He is actually on an assignment and he will be wondering who Jadama is.  So, the gist of the matter is that, His Excellency should be indicted without further dalays. He cannot certainly get away with serious crimes against humanity without being punished by a court of law. He is the one who gave the instructions for the Ghanaians  to be killed. I will give evidence when the time comes.

Further more, on the famous Jesus,  who is not holly Enssa Badjie, was suddenly made the Gambia’s CMC.This was another joke because no one ever thought such a thing will happened in the Police Force. Jesus is the criminal the Gambia have ever seen. He has no training, no professional back ground. He will connived with criminals in the Greater Banjul Area and this was confirmed when Jesus himself appeared on TV on an interactive program,  when a lady phoned condemning Jesus for appearing on TV, because the said lady knew him very well. Jesus will liaised with Nigerians and money doublers. Jesus will work with cattle rustlers particularly when he was in Brikama Division as a junior officer.

All these, is possible, because he is a Jola from Sibanor and shared the same parents with Ousman Badjie former ADC to the President. Jesus has no discipline towards his superiors and as such, he is good at using his mobile phone pretending to be talking to State House, just to intimidate his colleagues. His elevation is unacceptable and not justified at all. He should be demoted  to his former rank of ASP as soon as possible to avoid indiscipline in the Police. It’s just like an orderly giving instructions to his boss. This can only be found in the Gambia Police Force and it should be stopped without further delays.

The same thing  happened some few years ago,  when Jai Sowe was taken from no where and appointed as DIG above his superiors. At the end of the day, Jai would not pull with his boss, because he thought that he  was above the moon. Jai is from Foni and that was the reason for his appointment, but as time goes on,  the State House knew that he was not the right person. The stories sent by your able Banjul staffers on Sonko and Tamba’s roles in the March coup is nothing but the truth and I will not dwell on that.   Sekouba Jadama from the Police Headquarters in Banjul.

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