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Facts are emerging regarding the actual cause for  the arrest of Gambia’s Commissioner of Prisons David Colley. Contrary to the government’s theft story allegations against Colley well placed sources reaching this paper have unveiled that Colley was framed by the pardoned drug convict Kombo North MP Musa Suso. The whole episode started when the jailed MP was caught with a Sim Card at his prison cell. It was gathered that Suso was in jail equipped with a cellular phone together with his co convict Ndeneh Faal. The two had been in constant touch with their loved ones throughout their stay in prisons. How these cellular phones were smuggled into the prisons without the knowledge of the Director is a subject of high  police probe. Thanks to Musa Suso,  a lot of information was unveiled.

Suso was pardoned based on the information he supplied to the NIA and the police. Suso in a statement implicated David Colley, accusing him of corruption, abuse of office and discrimination. Colley was also accused of favoring  Batch Faye who was jailed for murder. As we file this story, David Colley is detained at Confinement cell number six. There is limited ventilation in the said cell. Inmates eat and urinate in the tiny cell.

David Colley’s case has been aggravated, thanks to the current Inspector General of police Bernard Jammeh. Colley and Jammeh had not been in good terms. The IGP who happens to be a former prisoner at the Mile Two harbored grudges against Colley. The IGP was among the 1981 bloody rebellion detainees. He was being treated as a “supporter of Kukoi” and his armed rebels at the material time. While in jail, Jammeh was never in Colley’s good books. He was termed as a “stubborn prisoner.” Colley who was one of the officers of the prison at the time, was not liked by prisoners such as Berenard Jammeh.

David Colley being accused of corruption by an inmate,  opened an  invitation to Jammeh to avenge the grudge he harbored against Colley. The police charge sheet deliberately failed to mention the Sim Card issue which prompted his arrest and subsequent prosecution.

While in jail, Musa Suso and Ndeneh Faal had  been talking to their relatives in Europe, America and elsewhere across the globe, said a prison warden who spoke to this reporter. The warden also said the two had been making late night calls to their wives. Having access to phone cards was very easy for the inmates. They used their relatives and local wardens to purchase one for them. The warden said Colley was a victim of conspiracy, as he (Musa Suso) had been accorded respect throughout his imprisonment.  For Musa to lie against his boss, beats their imagination. The prison warden said the cell phones belonging to the Suso and Faal was never a secret in the prison.

David Colley was asked to prepare a report on the allegations raised by Musa Suso prior to his jailing. He denied Suso’s allegations in the strongest terms. The President was impressed by Suso’s confession resorted to granting him amnesty. Suso’s co convict Faal is still languishing in jail.

A local cellular phone company spokesman confirmed to the Freedom Newspaper that the two were issued cell phones, thanks to some people who acted on their behalf. “These cell phones in the possession of Musa Suso and Ndeneh Faal were obtained in different names. We received a complaint regarding the abuse of cellular phones in jail by the inmates. The problem is being taken care of. As a service provider, we always ensure that each phone issued contained the name of the owner and his address.” said the insider.

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