Musa Jammeh’s Family Angry With President Jammeh- Lamarana Jallow!!Jammeh Refuses To Fly Musa For Overseas Treatment

Musa Jammeh’s family are very angry with President Jammeh. They just can’t believe that Musa can be rewarded with such a nasty farewell by Oga. That the President can disown his favorite killer in such a way, beats the imagination of many here in Banjul. His co jungulars are also angry. Very angry with the President. As an insider here, I’m privy to many things. The President’s failure to fly Tumbul Tamba and Musa Jammeh for overseas treatment is opening the eyes of many jungulars. They are openly talking about Jammeh’s ungratefulness and lack of sympathy for the people who helped to run his dirty errands for him.The late Chemical Ali was on his sick bed for days. His repeated request to be flown to oversea for treatment was ignored by the President. Musa was left to die in pain and anger. He told me in private that Oga disappointed him. That, he don’t deserved to be treated in such a way.

General Tamba and myself were present when Musa confessed to have led the team who killed Daba Marena, Lowe and others. General Tamba also gave courage to Musa by telling him to put his trust in God as his own relative Tumbul Tamba was neglected the same way by the President. General Tamba shed tears while talking to Musa. He was hard on Oga.

They might suspect the person passing the information to you, but I think it is important for President Jammeh to sit one minute and reflect on the future of his Government. I have no intention of implicating our able General, but based on what we gathered from Musa, there are more betrayals coming along the way.

General Tamba’s father welcomed Musa Jammeh’s father in Fonni Sinteh when arrived from Casamance. Musa and Tamba are brothers. Tamba is equally angry with the President. He told Musa that the President never cared for them, but God’s time is the best. That the President ought to have flown them to either Egypt or Cuba for treatment, but there was nothing like that. That if Oga can fly people not related to him, he sees no reason why Tumbul and Musa should be neglected.

Chemical Ali received few phone calls from Oga prior to his demise. What they discussed was relayed to us by Musa. Lang believed that Oga is only interested about his interest and nothing else. He too is cautious. Perhaps, Oga was calling to check if Musa had passed away. Musa’s death had negative and positive side effects for Gambians. We have lost the opportunity from hearing from the horse’s own mouth. I’m glad to report to your paper, that I was able to record some late minute confession from Musa.

The information circulating around barracks and many security instillations is that Oga is a betrayer. All soldiers have concluded that no one should die for him since he neglected Tumbul and Musa. The jungulars are working with General Tamba on a special project. For security reasons, I’m not at liberty to go too far.

If Oga underrates this report, he would live to regret it. This project was supposed to be executed during the Commonwealth meeting, which he never attended. Oga should not make the mistake to summon us for a meeting because all the proceedings are recorded. Lang and I recently met one Marabout who was tasked to perform some lestiharrs for us. Jammeh might not want to know what plans were.

One good thing General Tamba have done was to give wisdom to Musa Jammeh. He stood by Musa up to his last breathe. Oga was being painted as a “betrayer.” Had Musa survived he was going to resign from the army. He even said he regretted serving the President.

Musa and myself used to guard President Jawara. Musa was not as bad as he is painted today in the press. I remember when a request was made by the GAF command for Musa to be redeployed and the said request was turned down by Jawara. Jawara always wanted to see Musa around him. He calls him” My Jolla son.” Musa was known by Jawara’s family.

Kebba Ceesay and myself were impressed by Musa’s VIP protection skills. I remember when Kukoi’s relatives in the army were being screened. Musa was on that list. We later discovered that he had no connection with Kukoi. Yahya Jammeh was also on that list.

The July 22nd coup found Musa at the State House. Musa, Lang Tombong and myself were on the ground on the day in question. Oga came and started saying to Musa that the Jollas were neglected by the PPP. That we should resist not engage his troops.

Musa was never a killer under Jawara’s rule. It was Oga who turned him to be a killer. I refused to be part of their killing spree. I’m convince that Oga must leave one day and there is no need for one to stain yourself with blood.

I remember advising Musa at the state house guard room to be careful. This was the time he was reinstated. I told Balla to stay away from the jungulars, but he never took my advise seriously.

Come March 2006, he used the foiled coup incident to avenge the grudge he harbored against Daba Marena. His theft case file was handled by Daba’s boys. Musa took part in the torture and subsequent killing of Daba, Lowe and others. He also led the investigation panel, which was set up to quiz Daba and others.

One of the reasons why Musa was elevated to the rank of Major was his participation into the foiling of the March coup. Musa spent days at the NIA just to force detainees to confess.

For your information, Musa Jammeh supervised the torture of the Freedom Newspaper so called informants. Malick Mboob, Lamin Cham, the late Ombudsman and one MRC staffers whose name I forgot were tortured by Musa. The Independent Editors were also tortured by Musa and his group. Musa Saidykhan and Madi Ceesay both sustained serious injuries due to the torture they suffered in the hands of Musa Jammeh, Tumbul Tamba and co. Madi stayed in the country on condition that he would not disclose his ordeal to his family and the press. He is still being watched by the NIA.

Musa is gone, but his crimes shall continue to hunt him in hell fire. I’m surprised that General Tamba has not disclosed to the President what Musa told us when we visited him. Something is cooking and when it’s ready Oga would certainly gets his own share. I have to go because we are supposed to meet in Kanilai during the Weekend. Abaraka Bandirabeh. Hackundemalla, Heckawellaye.

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