“Politics is an animal that’s either ‘tamed” or “wild”,depending on how one interprets things. One can either be subjective or objective when it comes to passing judgments along a partisan line. However, when it comes to basic national challenges and interests every citizen has the right to go through the layers of checks and balances then give in their idea or opinion. My opinion is that things are far from being rosy. Even if we had gems of diamond being used to maccadamise the roads of Banjul and other parts of The Gambia, does not mean we are criticism-free. No system or leader should expect being criticism-free. This is the cancerous part of our system back home to say the least. President Yahya Jammeh wants to respond to every criticism with force and anger and then forcefully “insult” people to support him through threats. That is not his role. He should leave that line with those he appointed to do so. Let them also do it with respect and maturity. This is why everything is turning upside down. Look at the latest regarding Sainy Jaiteh? Just because Sainey criticized his own party the system is silently rushing to eject him? That’s not right. Jammeh should respect people like that, talk to them every morning before starting his daily job. These are the type who will die for their country when the need arises not those who tell him Jammeh..“Sir you will be here for ever” That is not true Yahya will not be there forever! He will go one day whether he likes it or not. If he continues using anger and hunger for brutality then decadence shall always stay to welcome his hopes!,” says Ambassador Essa Bokarr Sey. Mr.Sey was speaking in an exclusive interview with the Freedom Newspaper’s Pa Nderry M’Bai. In this master piece interview, the former Gambian Diplomat commented on  Jammeh’s new foreign policy, the ailing political situation, the mounting tensions between the Gambia and Senegal, Taiwan, Main Land China and a host of other topical issues. Mr.Sey a poet,  seasoned writer, cum senior Management Member of the Freedom Newspaper is now working with a leading US Bank. A  well established marketing represtative, Sey served as Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States, Taiwan and France. As a leading political commentator,  Sey in this interview critically examined Gambia’s ailing political situation and the growing demand for regime change in the Gambia. Below is the full text of the interview. Please read on…
Freedom Newspaper: What was responsible for  your silence Ambassador Sey? Has Jammeh’s “Charms” succeeded in taming you?

Essa Bokarr Sey:”Charms”? Well from the other side of things I cannot stop independent minds from adding value to the “effective range of those arrows… Arrows that I presume are coming from such “charms” ready to strike those who believe in this infantile garbage…(laughter). On my side I think “charms” or “talisman” are meant to derail a natural process from the minds of the naive men and women who feed their souls on nothing else but myth and mythology. Fortunately I thank God or Allah I am not part of that set. I cannot associate anything else to the powers of God or Allah. He disposes at anytime He likes, whereas some of us(save me and others) as beings tend to think we can propose. Pa no one is in control except Allah or God. therefore, I might have been busy but not silenced. Never will anyone silence me where there is God or Allah. Pa even the dead speak. Cheikh Anta Diop is dead but he is still speaking!

Freedom Newspaper: What can you tell us about Gambia’s political situation today? Are things changing for the better  or for the worse?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I like the latter part of your question..”changing for the better or the worse…”? Politics is an animal that’s either ‘tamed” or “wild”,depending on how one interprets things. One can either be subjective or objective when it comes to passing judgments along a partisan line. However, when it comes to basic national challenges and interests every citizen has the right to go through the layers of checks and balances then give in their idea or opinion. My opinion is that things are far from being rosy. Even if we had gems of diamond being used to maccadamise the roads of Banjul and other parts of The Gambia, does not mean we are criticism-free. No system or leader should expect being criticism-free. This is the cancerous part of our system back home to say the least. President Yahya Jammeh wants to respond to every criticism with force and anger and then forcefully “insult” people to support him through threats. That is not his role. He should leave that line with those he appointed to do so. Let them also do it with respect and maturity. This is why everything is turning upside down. Look at the latest regarding Sainy Jaiteh? Just because Sainey criticized his own party the system is silently rushing to eject him? That’s not right. Jammeh should respect people like that, talk to them every morning before starting his daily job. These are the type who will die for their country when the need arises not those who tell him Jammeh..”Sir you will be here for ever” That is not true Yahya will not be there forever! He will go one day whether he likes it or not. If he continues using anger and hunger for brutality then decadence shall always stay to welcome his hopes!

Freedom Newspaper: Regime change has been dominating Gambian discussions these days. Many Gambians, both at home and abroad are unhappy with the current state of affairs, characterized by “economic hardship” and political repression from the Jammeh dictatorship. Do you really believe that Jammeh got to go come what may?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Refer to the previous answer I gave for the last question. Him going or not is not my “pepper” now. What counts for me is the following. Even if he was to leave this second what will be the size of damages to inherit? The immediate removal of any leader should always be balanced against what to use as a substitute. This is were those wanting to see him off need to work on. Substituting decadence with anarchy is like substituting pancakes with biscuits. Is there any major difference here? No. Gambians home and abroad have to realize that, governments respect organized fronts. Organized fronts can either be within or without. Organized fronts are not always based on arming unruly people here and there, no. It goes beyond removing someone by force. Organizing ourselves as people means coordinating efforts and removing personal feelings from national feelings. Jammeh himself should like that because if any regime replaces him tomorrow and it is organized means he will not be “pounded” like yam for personal feelings. If the replacement is based on internal cleavages and “silent” whispers then woe-betide us! Look at Liberia Taylor replaced Doe then history pushed him out to be replaced by Johnson Sirleaf. This means once again as a reminder anything we are doing has to be leaning on Godly virtues. We should not say “Jammeh go because we simply hate you” No instead Gambians should say..”Jammeh here are the reasons why you are to go. Also here are the pillars that will substitute yours because yours are full of termites” Jammeh knows how he came to power and how other presidents in Africa came to power, sure he also knows he will not be there for the next forty years” There is what people call political dominos. He may be able to arrange the dominos for a while and stop them from falling but will they ever stay like that? Not at all. So Pa Jammeh going now is as important as Gambia separating national feelings from personal ones. Organization and coordination are to be the first cards on the table.

Freedom Newspaper: What worries you most about the Gambian situation today?

Essa Bokarr Sey: What worries me most is how the state house is seeing everything from the west and from the UN as an undermining factor! Why? That is far from the truth! Another thing is when I see “us” as a nation sending accusing pro-government papers in the streets. Worst of all calling our neighbors names! In the articles I read these past days I have realized that Jammeh is calling Dakar,UN,UNDP and others names. This is an “uncut” style of diplomacy which so raw! It is always better for one to wait before leaping. I care less if Jammeh is fuming with anger or not in this case. He has to understand that he owes the future generations an explanation. I saw Landing Savaneh during the campaign of the Senegalese elections come up to the border between our two countries. He stood in between praising the two people of these different states as one family. I have seen Cheikh Tijan Gadio doing his best in that regard. Banjul has to know that news these days can flay faster than thought.

Freedom Newspaper: Has Jammeh over stayed his welcome? Don’t  you think it’s about time for your former “old friend” to consider handing over the country and retire gracefully from active politics?

Essa Bokarr Sey: (Laughter) sure he is my old friend. I can never erase that part in my past. Neither can Jammeh ever say he never met a fula(laugh) called Essa Sey. For him to go now or later? My opinions have been expressed on that in my last replies.

Freedom Newspaper: Some APRC supporters want to make Gambians  believe that it is only “Yahya Jammeh” who can run the Gambia. That they would not welcome any leader besides Jammeh. What do you make out of such arguments? Would you call this  a “wishful” thinking on the side of the Jammeh supporters?

Essa Bokarr Sey:You know Pa. We heard the same in the early nineties when Jawara wanted to resign. Infact this is why OJ Jallow was being castigated at the time. He was the only one who approved of that departure saying the old man could leave if he deemed it fit to do so. Pa sometimes there are people in our country who can be so cunning. Those very characters started spreading rumors about OJ’s political ambitions. I was in the gendarmerie by then. After all what happened when Jawara was over thrown? The same OJ Jallow stayed to take the heat! Where were those who wanted to frame OJ? Some fled, some joined the APRC! OJ later on continued to strive. Today who are the true democrats holding the banner of PPP,NADD and others? Sure OJ is part of them. No one imagined in the 80s or 90s that OJ and Halifa could come together! Well when national interest stood these two joined. That’s what I mean NY organization. Principled-parties shall always survive whereas emotional ones shall always evaporate. Those who say that without Yahya Gambia will be may as well look at South Africa today. How about Russia? Then  finally Senegal? Infact Yahya should be publicly disgracing these type of people because they will say the same thing to me if I were to replace him. They will say the same to you Pa if you were to replace him.

Freedom Newspaper: The Gambia without Yahya Jammeh would be “ungovernable.”? Do buy that argument?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Look Pa I am a believer. To be candid I think Allah or God could have created a situation where the name Gambia may even disappear from this world’s geography. After all the people to occupy the new territory would still move on. When was Gambia(the name) established? Not before explorers like Vasco Dagama and many more started making noise!  I am not saying he gave us the name all I am trying to justify is that Gambia(the name) is not as old as the former Ghana Empire and so on. Did those people in ancient Kaabu know Yahya Jammeh? Did those people in Saloum know Yahya Jammeh? Now are we presently being ruled by Maba Jahu,Lat Dior,Alburih and others? No. Who is there today? Yahya himself. Now what makes these people believe that Yahya is the last ruler on the line? Do they know when the world will end then? Yahya should be very careful of people like that.

Freedom Newspaper: Is Jammeh failing or succeeding as a leader?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Public opinion both nationally and Internationally can give us the answer. Pa I would suggest that we conduct a survey or opinion poll inside and outside The Gambia  in a very scientific way and see. My answer maybe subjective as an individual on this case. All I can say is that we need to sit and talk frankly to one another as a nation otherwise the times I foresee are not so bright to say the least.

Freedom Newspaper: What makes you to disagree with Jammeh at this hour? Do you have reason for  abandoning  his “ship” and join “progressive Gambians” interested in political change in Gambia?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I did not know that Jammeh was sailing. I joined him to work. He found me working before he took over at the same department. I did not abandon him per se. We parted because time and life decided on my fate as my fate as his former envoy and his fate as my former employer. We still come together under one umbrella and that is The Gambia. He can never deny me the birth right I have neither can I deny him his. The next thing on the agenda is national interest.

Freedom Newspaper: Serving Jammeh’s government don’t make one to be bad, evil or vindictive if you like. Out of the lot, there are decent ones amongst them. What would you tell some Gambians, who are in the habit of passing  judgments against  former public officials who served Jammeh’s regime without making a proper research about what they write about?

Essa Bokarr Sey:In every part of the world judgments are passed on people who “used to be” Judgments are in most case so subjective when it comes to personal feelings. There are people who adore me so much and they have manifested that both practically and verbally. There are those who are misinformed about me. There are those who pretend to know me while castigating me for natural reasons. There are those who just do not care. My question here..is..”Who am I to escape criticism?” Sometimes some people may criticize you then you become angry but when you sit at a corner and think you will realize that they are the ones who love you. I know I made mistakes like any other person. There are mistakes we realise,there are some that we cannot simply know. If I did anything wrong to any Gambian at the personal and national level I want to be on record this day by saying..”I AM SO SORRY” I do also want to say that I have forgiven anyone who did something wrong to harm or destroy me. Strength lies on truth and reconciliation. It also lies on responsibility. I can personally forgive wrong done to me but I cannot stand forgive myself from doing something wrong to others. This indeed does not mean I will not fight for my country if truth is disregarded any where along the way. When I was there I heard the same judgments being passed. These days I laugh because I have seen many on the line being hired and fired by Jammeh after I left! There are some who used to darlings on the internet fora against people like me. Well I was even surprised to see those people joining Jammeh. Time will tell if I will ever beg Jammeh to join again or not God willing.. God is the greatest Judge!

Freedom Newspaper: In the event of a regime change today in the Gambia, are you willing to account for your past official activities under Jammeh’s tenure? Will you answer to any public commission to investigate officials, who served under Jammeh’s government?

Essa Bokarr Sey:This is on record. I said so in New York and I will repeat it again. I am ready to answer to any impartial commission, not commissions that have preconceived minds put on the table. Commissions have to be truthful and objective. No commission can be successful if it has the dirt of politics smeared on its back. It must used the cleansing services of checks and balances to be effective.

Freedom Newspaper: Jammeh was quoted as saying that ” each time  he fired public officials” they would suffer for the rest of their lives. How is life like with you, compared to your days as Ambassador? Any changes?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Suffer for the rest of their lives??? I was born in Kuntaya.My father was a poor teacher. I grew up and then rose to certain levels from a remote village. The one who brought me from that place to Banjul, France(Besancon as a student) then around the world as a diplomat is Allah or God. He is the only one who can determine who will suffer or stay in comfort. In the Qur’an Allah says this:”Yarr zuqu mann yashaa’Ou-Illaa Maasha-Allah” This means:” I Allah will give my blessings or LUCK to the one I choose”. Pa anyone who associates the powers of Allah or God to something else is sinning. He gives luck not Yahya Jammeh. Even the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said this categorically clear. He said he does not give lukc neither does he reward prayer or fasting! A true believer Christian or Muslim should never say he or she gives luck! I cannot also attribute these things to Yahya directly because he is yet to tell that in the face. I am waiting for him to tell me that. Then I will remind him about the humble teachings of the prophet. I will also remind him about the verses from great philosophers in the past.

Freedom Newspaper: Do you missed  the Gambia and her people? If yes why?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Pa mine is what I call “hostile nostalgia” infact I will send in that poem later on. I do not miss home when home is sobbing. I miss home because I miss the essence of home not the effervescence. Wiat for the poem!

Freedom Newspaper: If Yahya Jammeh should send elders to you today and seek for forgiveness would you accept an apology from him? Has Jammeh wronged you?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Yahya Jammeh apologize who me? Well on the other way round maybe Yahya is expecting an apology from me as well because he has been seasoned by others on that line. Pa apologies are from God because he puts that in the minds of those who send them out. Anyone who apologizes me will be forgiven at the personal level. You see this reminds me about humility. Even Allah or God made it clear that He cannot forgive anyone who wrongs another personally. The person must go directly and apologize to the one wronged. Whether it is Yahya or me who should apologize is left to time to reveal the hidden side. I know one thing Pa Yahya Jammeh knows Essa and Essa too knows Yahya Jammeh. I will stop there on this one(laughter).

Freedom Newspaper:If Jammeh should offer you job in the future would you accept it? Will your conscience allow you to work with Jammeh for the rest of your life? If no, why?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Pa it is not a question of conscience, it is a question of choice. I am pretty sure there are people in the  state house who think that Essa and co are out there waiting(laughter). Pa believe in it or not Pa after leaving the arena I have learnt a lot. I think the English said this:”ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY”

Freedom Newspaper: What do you learn during your association with Yahya? Do you have any memos to pen?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Yes I like writing and I do write  a lot. Some of it is shared some of it is kept.

Freedom Newspaper: Is Jammeh evil?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Evil? It depends on what one means? Evil or good are relative. These are words found in grey areas. Who is evil and not evil? Well as Chinua Achebe said:”Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” In Mandinka they say:”Kano mang Joo Jenkeh jeebay” Means “Love is blind” For those who love Yahya he is not evil. For those who accuse of incarcerating or killing their next of kin,he is beyond the word. For me as I said he is what public opinion calls him period. Pa Is Yahya evil?(laughter)

Freedom Newspaper: Some critics blamed you for your association with the Freedom Newspaper. Remember this  is a paper “Black Listed” by Jammeh. He dislikes its editorial policy. Do you feel scared to associate yourself with Freedom?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Scared? Me scared of associating with a paper like this one? Why? For those who blame me let them tell me what else is better to do as far as freedom of expression is concerned? I care less about such critics. All I care about is where thoughts fly forth!

Freedom Newspaper: Are you afraid of Yahya Jammeh? Will you subdue if you meet with  him one and one?

Essa Bokarr Sey:( Laughter) Pa you are so funny! Me subdue? Well Yahya is brown belt holder of Judo. Did you know that? Pa in Yahya’s case it is about leadership not wrestling matches. All I know is that Yahya cannot guard himself. He is being guarded that much I can say.

Freedom Newspaper: As a former Gambian Ambassador to Taiwan, France and the USA, what can you tell us about Gambia’s foreign policy today? Is  it still where you left it or things have changed dramatically?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I did not leave things any where because this is not about “I” it is about “him” Yahya does and says what he wants at anytime he likes. No one blame present or former diplomats for his mishaps before microphones. He should stop talking for  a while and learn to be listening for at least three months. He talks to every TV and every visitor. Sometimes he leaves people perplexed after uttering certain things. I have seen him on youtube and on Al JAZEERA. I heard when cursed the kid who poured the medicine in mandinka…This was so shameful. Yahya should go from the limelight for a while at least! He is saying too much and digging more ditches for us as a nation. Our foreign policy now has no shape and form.He is the one who says and stops without advisers. That is too dangerous for a leader.

Freedom Newspaper: Do you see any implications here, about Gambia having diplomatic ties with Iran and Venezuela? If yes, what are your reasons?

Essa Bokarr Sey:There are implications of course. These are International players who are using more sophisticated methods. Infact Senegal received buses etc from Tehran.Did we hear them say what Yahya is saying? No. Venezuela is a sovereign nation we are one on the other side. There is no harm in establishing relations with countries, however in his case what matters is that he does not out of rage and wrath! That is not good. No one can compel The Gambia to befriend or leave anyone even if Yahya is no longer the president.However,we as Gambians should also remember that we cannot force other nations to side with us in everything we choose to do. It does not country X or Y is racist or xenophobic because they disagree with Banjul. That is false!

Freedom Newspaper: In your view, what might have prompted the Jammeh government to take such a unilateral move to befriend these countries, which are currently labeled as “anti Western countries.”?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Pa I refer you to my previous answer please.

Freedom Newspaper: Diplomacy in Africa, in most cases is driven by “monetary expectations” in return from the countries they signed bilateral ties with.  Due to lack of “resources and bad economies” developing countries like the Gambia have no choice but to engage in what critics say ” Check Book” diplomacy to run their projects. In your view, is it right for the Gambian government to befriend these countries because of money?

Essa Bokarr Sey:No it is never right to befriend a country or society for money! That is in itself mortgaging one’s national pride. I do not like that and will never support that. We have to know that if money was the case in point then Taiwan would by now be part of the UN Family. Are they in? No. Are we The Gambia not in? Yes. Don’t the Taiwanese have more money than we do? Yes they do. That’s my answer.

Freedom Newspaper: How much have you collected on behalf you Jammeh while in Taiwan?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I never collected anything on behalf of Jammeh as a person. I fear God and will always say what I think is right. He never asked me to collect a dime for him personally. What we worked on meaning I,Musa Silla,Famara Jatta and Assan Drammeh was a loan agreement. This is on record and has been exposed to the NAMS in Banjul How the money was spent? That is a question in my mind too because I was not there when the money was received in 2001. All I saw was generators being sprinkled with palm wine from ports. Are those generators working now? They are not!

Freedom Newspaper: Do you prefer Main Land China than Taiwan?

Essa Bokarr Sey: I have no preference here. I have good friends in Taiwan who are nice souls. I do not know anyone in Mainland China. However, if it is about national and International affairs I prefer dealing with Mainland China if I were to handle the affairs of our country’s foreign relations now. It is better for me to say what I have at heart than lie.

Freedom Newspaper: What is so special about Taiwan? Is it because of their “Dollar diplomacy” that is why  the Gambian government dumped Main Land China?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Taiwan is special because of its history and its name in the world. About dumping or not I think my last question is enough to show what my idea is on that.

Freedom Newspaper:What is the historical differences between the two countries?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Taiwan was part of Mainland. Communism separated the two sides based on ideology. Taiwan is still considered to be part of the Mainland politically. Geographically they are an Island. The KMT party which is the main opposition in Taiwan now originated from Mainland. Taiwan came out of the UN in the seventies. Today Mainland is a permanent member of the Security Council. Taiwan is not even a member state. Does that give you a synopsis?(laughter)

Freedom Newspaper: Do you support the move taken by the Jammeh government to cut off diplomatic ties with Main Land China?

Essa Bokarr Sey: I did support is before during the early days. However the interesting part of it is that I was educated about Taiwan itself during my stay in Taipei. After knowing a lot about the history and background of the Island, I thought it is wiser for us to maintain an economic burean there while operating an embassy in Beijing. The same as what Nigeria is doing today. I think that’s my personal opinion. Of course as a diplomat you do not expect me to say so when delivering a speech in Taipei. I feel sorry for Taipei intellectuals because they are too smart and useful in the world. Unfortunately the hurdle they are facing will take more of their brain cells than it worths.

Freedom Newspaper: The Gambian government recently accuses the Wade government of Senegal of trying to destabilize the Gambia. What do you make out of such allegations?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I did mention this in one of my answers earlier on. These two capitals are what I call “TWO STATES IN ONE PEOPLE” History will judge both leaders if they mess up. That’s all I have to say for now.

Freedom Newspaper: What most have gone wrong for the Jammeh government to behave otherwise?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I really don’t know if it is about deep details causing him to be so troubled? However, Jammeh has realized that leading a nation is like leading a platoon.

Freedom Newspaper: What are the implications of the government’s accusations?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Please refer to my answers earlier on.

Freedom Newspaper: Do you believe in the government’s accusations against Senegal?  That Dakar was recruiting Gambian dissidents to topple the government of the day?

Essa Bokarr Sey: What is a dissident? Who is a dissident? Do those who use these words in Banjul even know the meaning? Am not saying they are not educated or so. What I am saying is that the word is not suitable in this case! Let them do more home work before using words like that as tags. There are people who call Jammeh a dictator. Does he accept it? Of course not! So who are they or who is he to throw the word or term dissidents to us and then expect people to say “Yes! we are dissidents!” That’s nonsense.

Freedom Newspaper: How would you like the government to handle situations like this?

Essa Bokarr Sey: All I know is that negotiations come after every bitter war. Then why not start with that which will always last? Why waste words and sweat? If negotiations are ignored then what will prevail? Uncertainty and despair. Let Banjul not imagine that they can go around the world accusing people then expect those people not to defend themselves. Are they observing the formation of the new government in Dakar? Are they observing the readiness to work in that country? Why are our side always thinking about attacks? Did they do anything in hiding? Why can’t we give chance for peace to prevail in Banjul?

Freedom Newspaper: Would you say that the government in Banjul are living in “fear and uncertainty”?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Sure they are!

Freedom Newspaper: Is President Jammeh a peacemaker, as he portrayed himself?

Esssa Bokarr Sey: It depends who is talking to and who is talking to him. I cannot call him one anyway.

Freedom Newspaper: What can you tell us about the Casamance rebellion?

Essa Bokarr Sey:I would rather not add petrol to fire at this point. I think you will ask me this question in another interview(laughter)

Freedom Newspaper: How would you like Yahya Jammeh to be treated if he was out of the Presidency? Is there any cause for revenge?

Essa Bokarr Sey: Let the public judge!

Freedom Newspaper: Do you think history would judge Jammeh badly? Is this the Jammeh you used to know way back at the Fajara Barracks?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Still let the public judge! Laughter. Well Pa people change. There are things in Yahya that I never saw before and there are things that have always been the same. For example his way of threatening people and his way of seeing himself a man with spiritual powers. This has always been there!

Freedom Newspaper: Any last words to Gambians?

Essa Bokarr Sey:Organization,Unity,Love for one’s country and love for one’s future generation. Lets think about them before they arrive!

Freedom Newspaper: Thanks Mr.Sey for sparing your busy schedules to talk to us.

Bokarr Sey:Mr MBai,I am so pleased for having done this Interview with our online paper.It is indeed a pleasure to be working with a courageous team like ours. On that note as one family I would sieze the opportunity to welcome Mrs Mbai(your wife ) even though belatedly,Awa Mbai our daughter and Omar Bah my good brother.Omar stay put and always never forget the motivating steam that brought us together.Pa Nderry to you finally I would say always remember the wolof saying:“Yagga Baayiwut darra” Truth is the best partner of time do your job and work towards welcoming the future Gambian generation. Your boss Deyda is gone in flesh but he is still here because you are one of the burning spears! he started.

Editors note: The Freedom Newspaper treats all  its interviewees equally. Mr.Sey being a senior Management Member of Freedom never saved  him from from being grilled. He professionally handled the interview, despite the provoking questions. At Freedom, we mean business each time,  we placed our microphones before our interviewees. Thanks for your attention.

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