Taiwan’s BLOOD RICE-Opinion!

By A Social Commentator

The Ambassador of Taiwan in The Gambia Dr Chang is one crazy novice in the field of practical diplomacy. He is so over zealous and desirous to maintain The Gambian flag in Taipei that, he no longer sees beyond his nose. A diplomat like this man who is unfortunately being called an Ambassador is a total misfit in this fine art. The same Ambassador regardless of what local Gambian politicians have been complaining about him continued gallopping in town like a drunken horse! That is, for being so outspoken in support of the APRC Party during the past campaign. He continued his irresponsible methods of approach without any professional ethics or at least maturity. He has been spitting on every microphone only to show us how Taipei wants to see Yahya Jammeh rule The Gambia for life. This is a laughable desire. He has since been openly dragging his “kungfu-legendary-feet” within our midst saying so much for nothing. This Ambassador has to be confronted both by common and professional Gambians,he must be kept under a radar for a while thus stop him from succeeding in causing a war within The Gambia and between The Gambia and Senegal. We as Gambians have been entertaining his comments and actions as one of those from traditional diplomats but this novice Doctor’s ways are so bad for our country’s future,likewise for the future of our relationship with Senegal. Dr Chang is hiding behind the shadow of diplomacy while using this card of so-called immunity to settle old scores with Senegal. Why? Because Senegal decided to recognize the ONE CHINA POLICY which so much welcome in Beijing. We care less about Taiwan’s desire if they care less about what will befall Gambians in months to come as a result of their irresponsible methods of approach. BLOOD RICE FROM TAIWAN TO CITIZENS OF CASAMANCE IN THE GAMBIA… Taiwan’s BLOOD RICE is being used to show more seeds of discord in Senegal. Recently the daily observer reported that Dr Chang Taiwanese Ambassador in The Gambia donated the following items to Casamance refugees in The Gambia. The perception called aid and the word refugees is false and complete nonsense in this case. 150 bags of rice D30,000.00 ( as of today ,this if changed to US Dollars is equivalent to $1071.43) These amounts in Gambian dalasis sound too big when the zeros are added but they are nothing compared to what Taiwan uses to help Yahya Jammeh feed his monkeys,parrots,ostriches and other animals in his zoo. The last time we checked our data or figures Banjul has been constantly crying aloud that there were more than 1000 refugees at the border. Some of these refugees are real some are not! There are Yahya Jammeh-created refugees and there are real refugees from Casamance. Is Dr Chang not qualified to be an associate of Yahya Jammeh in this deadly inter state crime? He is more than qualified. Questions for Dr Chang the Taiwanese Ambassador in The Gambia…. 1/Why has Taiwan not been giving the same support to these refugees when the Senegalese embassy was stationed in Taipei? 2/Why is Taiwan not giving the same support to Liberian,Sieraleonean,Ivorian and other refugess from various west African countries who are currently within Gambian territory? 3/Why is Taiwan not handing over these items to the red cross management in Kanifing or the Catholic Relief Services in The Gambia? 4/Why did Dr Chang use this occasion to utter the following on behalf of The Gambia governement? Quote…”Dr Chang pointed out that the situation in Casamance is a concern to government of The Gambia” (source-www.dailyobserver.gm) President Yahya Jammeh’s own journal. 5/Why didn’t Dr Chang allow Bala Jahumpa the Gambian secretary of state for foreign affairs say the above instead of him the Ambassador? 6/Does Dr Change know that Salif Sadio the notorious Casamance rebel leader is going to get the greater part of Taiwan’s so-called food aid to refugees? 7/Can Dr Chang deny the fact that rebel leader Alexandra Djibba ever visited the Taiwanese embassy in Banjul two years ago, even though Dakar had diplomatic ties with Taipei at the time? 8/Can Dr Chang tell us exactly why Senegal left Taipei for Beijing? 9/Does Dr Chang know how much we know about the reason behind his so-called food aid to the Casamance refugees? Taiwan should not attempt fooling us Gambians. We know their true colours. There are reports showing Taiwan contacted the Sieraleonean opposition in 2001 through one Mr Muhammed Ceesay because they wanted to penetrate that country but were not given the chance by the foreign minister at the time. They dispatched an a secret envoy to Sieraleone (name withheld for now) to send Taiwan’s financial backing to those who were opposing President Kabba. Taiwan has to know that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. They want to be free from being part of Mainland China right? The Senegalese territory also wants to be free from their hidden support towards these marauding and senseless rebels in the south. We also understand that Mr Ambassador Chang is doing all he can therefore facilitate a meeting between him and these Casamance rebel leaders. Let him be a very very careful. Ambassador Chang has to know that, the Senegalese government has the right to focus its own foreign policy where its greater interest lies. This is a simple equation let these Taiwanese just remember how they are helping a senseless killer like Yahya Jammeh only for their national interest in and out of Taiwan. Taiwan has to know that,attempting to help drag The Gambia towards an additional confrontational dimnension with Senegal is not going to be good for them either. Senegal reserves the right to drag Taiwan’s activities on the table and/or before the UN Security council as soon as possible. Sending supplies to refugees is universally accepted but not when another irresponsible person,community or region wants to do so with a hidden agenda.This is exactly why the Nigerian federal government waged a war in Biafra. This is why France does not want to entertain the independence of Corsica. There are so many cases similar to Taiwan’s but they make lesser noise than these Taiwanese. How can President Jammeh support refugees from Casamance with the help of Taiwan’s hypocritcal aid and then disregard what is happening in Darfur Sudan by dining with President El Bashir and condemning all those who see a demon in the Sudanese leader? If it is about concern,love and stability why didn’t Taiwan create seccos in The Gambia that can buy the peanuts our farmers are producing? After all these Gambian farmers have been catering everything for those refugees for the past 25 years. Where as Ambassador Dr Chang then? Charity begins at home. Charity does not begin fro afar! Taiwan should be more preoccupied with the shameless scandals of blatant corruption engulfing their president,his wife,his daughter and his son-in-law instead of using BLOOD RICE to fuel a war in Casamance. So many African war lords have been helped by aids like that one coming from Taiwan during the past decades. The same Taiwan had very cordial and friendly relations with the former Liberian leader Charles Taylor. Taiwan’s so-called national or regional interest supersedes the essence of life in other parts of the word. These Taiwanese politicians are so selfish,arrogant,wicked and shameless. They think money means everything for them. This is why they will ever be within the cramps of Mainlaind. They use the blood and fuss of other poor countries like ours to sell their image at the UN. The tears of our people cannot buy Taiwan its freedom. They cannot get what they want by being mosquitoes in Africa. Taiwan must be stopped now! Posted on Thursday, November 02, 2006 (Archive on Friday, November 03, 2006) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC.

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