Breaking News:Stop Press:Kanilai Hotel Manager Arrested! 40 Prisoners Died At Mile Two Prison!
Kanilai Hotel Manager Arrested!

40 Prisoners Died In Gambian Jail House!

“Prison Official Blames The Deaths To “Lack of Balanced Diet and Medication.”

The General Manager of the Sindolla Hotel in Kanilai, President Jammeh’s own hotel  has been arrested by the NIA. Mr.Lamin Sanneh has been missing from his family for a week now, without charges brought against him, well placed state house sources revealed today. Efforts made by his family to access him at the NIA were blocked by the NIA, who at this hour are denying holding Sanneh. But NIA insiders told the Freedom Newspaper that Sanneh was in their custody.The circumstances surrounding his arrest is unclear at this hour, but our National Correspondent Landing Badjie is investigating the story. News also just came in about the death of 40 inmates at the Mile Two Central Prisons. The deaths were blamed to lack of balanced diet and access to proper medical treatment. A prison official who spoke to this paper says the prison had never witnessed such a high magnitude of death toll since its formation. The official says most the death prisoners suffered a great deal prior to their demise as they complained about stomach pain,chest pain, constant vomiting among others. A British detainee told our reporter that thanks to the British High Commission in Banjul he was provided with medical attention. The British inmate describes the lodging conditions at the Mile Two as appalling and inhumane. Prisoners we gathered, are not fully fed these days and  access to medical attention is hard to come by. Since the March alleged abortive coup, the government has tighten security at the prisons. For more on this story, stay tuned.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (Archive on Thursday, April 26, 2007)
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