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Minister Fye

By Our Diplomatic Affairs Correspondent

Gambia’s Sports Minister Omar Fye, has been engulfed in an extra-marital sex scandal, amidst reports that the disgraced Minister was allegedly sleeping with a married Gambian woman name withheld who was divorced recently because of alleged cheating, informed sources have hinted today. The woman in question was said to have resided in the United Kingdom, prior to her visit to the Gambia, where she was seen with Omar Fye by some of her inlaws.While in the Gambia, Fye was alleged to have been seen messing with the lady, which angered his husband, who resorted to divorcing the woman. If there is even an iota of truth to this allegation, then it proves Omar Faye’s many contradictions. This is a man, who never ceased to tout the Quran, reciting every conceivable verse in his shameless toady praise singing of dictator Jammeh. The Freedom Newspaper in the recent past received numerous emails from a concerned Gambian who accuses Minister Fye of  going out with the daughter of  former Inspector General of police Ebou Njie, but for some reasons, the Editors decided not to publish the mail. We do not want to expose the content of the writer’s letter online due to decency. This time around a well placed source have come up with a damaging revelations about Fye’s private life, which according to the source led to the divorce of a Gambian lady. If Minister Omar Fye is reading us at this hour, he is free to set the records straight. The allegations are grave and we expect the honourable Minister to defend himself if he thinks that his hands are clean. Our sources are hinting about a major family breakdown in Banjul because of Fye’s alleged extra-marital affairs. Fye who had two wives is at a centre of controversy at this hour. Across the streets of Banjul, the divorce of the said lady dominates public discussions.

Under the Gambian constitution, Ministers, public officers including the President have no private life. The media is constitutionally mandated to scrutinize the activities of these officials. Omar Fye’s alleged  extra-marital affair is of no exception and that’s why we at Freedom thought it imperative expose the story. We reported the story in good faith, without malice or ill will. Minister Fye who has been on a countrywide tour was accused of breaking down a matrimonial home. Fey was alleged to have been spotted at a private guest house situated in the Greater Banjul Area, where some top government officials used as a “slaughtering house.” According to informed sources, the disgraced Minister has been hiding the scandal from his immediate family and colleagues.

Omar Fye, a retired army Major used to reside in Atlanta Georgia, where he stayed until his return to Banjul about a year ago. Fye came from a Religious family background in Dobson street Banjul. The said scandal is no doubt going to create shocking waves across the Fyen family. Mr.Fye’s alleged actions had lowered the image of the Jammeh government, which claimed to have zero tolerance for wanting Ministers. As a Minister, Fye ought to know better. He should avoid actions that might caused disrepute to his position or the regime he is serving.

An investigation conducted by the Freedom Newspaper reveals that due to increasing poverty and love for money, many poor girls ran into hands of top government officials, who used their positions for sexual favors. Many matrimonial homes in the Gambia, have been broken due to such practices. In some instances, the Ministers fooled these girls, with a promise of marrying them only to shatter their hopes. Attempts to make a second comeback to their former husbands never materializes, as their past strained relationship would not permit such a reunion.

Attempts to reach Omar Fye for comments during the weekend proved abortive. He was indisposed at press time.

In another development, sources close to the disgraced Minister in Atlanta Georgia, said Fye last week got married to a third wife. Our sources would not reveal the Minister’s new wife, but maintains that the Minister had a new wife. Asked if Fye had snatched the wife of the aggrieved Gambian in the UK, our source said he was not in the position to confirm that. “I will be very surprised if Omar should engaged in extra-marital sex.All we know is that he recently got married. He now had three wives. That I can confirm to you.”said a close aquaintance of  Omar Fye.

It would be recalled that Omar Fye, had two wives, prior to marrying the third unnamed wife, believed to be the daughter of former IGP Ebou Njie. When he took the decision of joining the Jammeh government, one of his wives travelled to Banjul, with him leaving one behind in Atlanta. As the situation appears, Omar Fye is now running three homes.The one in Atlanta,  and the other two wives in the Gambia. Too many wives, with little salary to cater for such responsibilities.

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