SOS Neneh Macdowl Gaye Secretly sneaks  into Jammeh’s Hotel room during Overseas trips-says FJC

FJC secret relationship with Justice Paul Exposed!!

FJC and Justice Paul’s Conspiracy to jail late Deyda Hydara unveiled!!

Speaker Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay has been smearing the image of Information Minister Neneh Macdowl Gaye for sometime now. Thanks to FJC, I was able to know the secret relationship between Gaye and Jammeh.  According to FJC, President Jammeh uses his overseas trips to pursue his secret relationship with Information Minister Gaye. She said the President would always insist to travel with Neneh, even though other GRTS producers were billed to  travel with the Head of State. The President‘s decision she said,  was final and there was nothing Borra Mboge could do under situations like that. “She would pretend as if she would interview the President at night and sneaked into his hotel room. Her relationship with the President is no secret to us. These late night interviews were nothing but love relationship. She would shamelessly crawled under the President’s feet just to win his favors.” Fatou told me during a dinner at her kanifing house. FJC said she used to be closer to the President more than Neneh, but things started to fall apart when Neneh uses her  poorly paid  GRTS “producer job” to praise sing the President by featuring the government’s developmental programs. This to some extent, continued FJC paved the way for Neneh to have access to the President. She said the President believes in praise singing a lot.

FJC said Neneh was jealous of her progress and as such was hell bent on undermining her to the President. She told me that Neneh once fought with Sierra Walleh, a Management member of NAWEC. “Neneh thought that Sierra was taking her place. She was very insecured. They fought at the hotel in Kanilai. Sierra was a former classmate of HE, but Neneh could not understand this. She don’t  want anyone to get closer  to HE. She is only concerned about her selfish interest.” she alleges.

According to FJC, while she was the Director of Press at the office of the President, Neneh started to develop hatred for her. She said SOS Gaye was all the time interested in replacing her. She said Gaye played a crucial role on her sacking. “ There was a time, whatever she tells the President that what he does.  She spent late night at Kanilai  with the President when the first lady was away from the country. This was wrong but the President would always see him.” FJC told me.

FJC was on the verge of going mad when she lost her state house Press Director job. She was complaining day in day out about Jammeh’s betrayal schemes. “ This Jolla will know that I was born and raise in Banjul. If he doesn’t mind, he will suffer God willing. I have been treated unfairly. Neneh is a novice politically. She can’t bring any vote for the party. She is just following the President because of money and love. We campaigned vigorously to facilitate HE’S re-election. This woman is causing confusion everywhere in the party. She has destabilized the GRTS and now she want to finish the APRC.” FJC lamented

According to FJC, Neneh  played a role into the resignation of Jainaba Nyang and the sacking of Borra Mboge. “HE behaves like a kid. He believes in whatever lies peddled by Neneh.  Sister Jainaba could not stand the hit no more when Neneh’s started  to boss her. She seniored  Neneh, but due to her closeness to the President, Neneh would try to give her directives. Jainaba was being denied overseas trips. While I served as Director of Press  at the State House, I witnessed instances where Neneh would be given preference against her own colleagues.”  she said.

As I said earlier, Fatou allowed me to walk freely into  her house. I have access to her bed room, computer  and car. She showed me troubling pictures she had with the President during their good days. He action was meant to convince me that she was close to the Head of State. I just could not believe what I saw  that day. That a married woman would act too low like that.

Fatou said Neneh engineered the sacking of Borra Mboge. “ She is  very ungrateful. Borra helped her a lot towards her career. She came to the Radio Gambia at a time,  when she could not write proper report. I have my diploma in journalism. As soon as she got closer to HE, he perceives Borra as her arch rival. She fabricated all kinds of lies against Borra just like she did to me. She even said Borra was sympathetic to the opposition just to get him sacked. We heard what she said against Borra about the March coup attempt.” she said.

Justice Paul is a fried to  FJC!!

My association with FJC exposed  me to many big fish in the country. When President Jammeh set up the anti corruption Commission to probe public officials, FJC was very worried about the setting up of the said commission. She thought that the investigators would dig into her  three storey building, which was financed by Governor Kalu of Nigeria. On numerous occasions, while at Fatou’s bed room, she would picked up her phone and called the Chairman of the Commission Justice Mr. Nmadubandi Azubike Paul. “ Hi Justice Paul. This is Fatou. I heard that my name is on the list of public officials to be summoned for questioning by the Commission. Is that so?” She would asked Paul.

Each time Fatou called Paul, she would put him on speaker phone to allow me too hear their conversation. “ No, no, no, Fatou. You are my good friend. Your name is not on the list. Don’t worry you are fine. You will never be called as long as I’m the Chairman of the Commission. Don’t listen to rumor mongers. Your name is not on the list.” Paul told Fatou.

I just could not believe that such a statement was coming  from a Commission Chairman, who was expected by all standards to be impartial in his decisions. Paul betrayed public confidence by allowing to entertain private phone calls relating to the Commission. He also confirmed the widely believe notion that his commission was only directed against certain set of people. That the Commission was a mere witch hunt.  FJC was  untouchable!!

Paul never stopped at receiving FJC’S phone calls, he kept on calling Fatou after work. They discussed about Commission matters and people lined up to testify the next day. He and Fatou spent a quiet amount of time on the phone discussing the commission proceedings. Thanks to my good friend Fatou, I was introduced to Justice Paul. There and then Paul started inviting me into  his office for private talks. I was kind of an errand boy to  Fatou. Paul talks to me freely. I must thank FJC for exposing me to such people. I gathered a lot of state secret during my association with FJC, Paul and others.

Paul complained to me about  how the late Deyda Hydara was antagonizing him on his daily editorials. Paul said Hydara was out to discredit his commission. He even threatened to order for his arrest, if he Hydara continues to make noise. Paul told me that he had the backing of the President and could throw Hydara in jail for months and nothing would come out of it.

Hydara’s problems with Paul was instigated by FJC and a GRTS Female Reporter. The said reporter told Paul that Hydara uses a workshop, which was held at the Kairaba Hotel to settle old scores with him Paul. On her part, FJC also told Paul that Hydara was a “bad journalist”  who was only interested  about to report the government’s negative side. FJC said Hydara never wish development for the country. She even told Paul to consider summoning him before the commission before he Hydara would do more harm than good. She insists that Paul should caution Hydara.

Paul at some point contemplated recommending for Hydara to be charged with contempt. He personally told me that he can get Hydara arrested if he wants. He also said he was going to teach Hydara a lesson if he doesn’t mind.  Months later Hydara was found dead  in his private car near the police intervention unit at Kanifing. More is coming on FJC!!!

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