By Justice Sam, Senior Staff Writer
After months of intensive investigations into the alleged disappearances of Gambian coup suspects, a top official of the  Gambia Armed Forces who spoke on strict condition of anonymity  regrets to  announce to  families about the murder of  coup suspects  Messrs  Daba Marena, former  NIA Director General,Lieutenant Alieu Ceesay,Alpha Bah of the Fajara Barracks,Sergeant Malafi Corr and Lieutenant Ebou Lowe a former commander and Kanilai, the President home village by state guard soldiers acting under the command of the President Yahya Jammeh. The army official says he thought it necessary to inform the deceased families through this leading medium by formally confirming their death, even though according to the soldier the government “is hell bent on covering the cold blooded murder of Marnena and others.” The official who works at the Gambia Armed Forces Head Quarters in Banjul claimed that the men were hung by their killers led by Musa Jammeh,Tumbul Tamba,Alhagie Martin and other junglers whose names he said would be communicated to the Gambian community pretty soon. The official urges bereaved  families to pay their last respect to their loved ones as there is no way that they can be accorded a decent burial under President Yahya Jammeh’s watch.

Our source said it is unfair for him to sit on such information when the killers of Marena and others are walking scot free around the state house. “The President ordered for their killing. The murdered coup suspects were taken to a forest where they were hung. Several gunshots were fired on Daba Marena and Lowe. The President  thought that the two were among the ring leaders. Other suspects also received the same mistreatment. Since their killing, no GAF official has been  at ease. We watch our movements and the people we talk to. This information is being passed to you for the sake of posterity. Gambians deserved to know about the true picture surrounding this genocide. There is a plan in the offing to execute Bunja Darboe and other military coup suspects. That I can confirm to you. I witnessed the discussions and the people behind the said  move. Bunja and others knows that they are going to die and that’s why they are speaking out. If the international community don’t prevail on the President he would go ahead with his plans to take their lives.”said the GAF official.

According to my informant, the killing of Daba and Co was calculated to set deterrent to future would be coupists. “As I talk to you the President is in a hurry for the court martial to complete its work so that he can avenged his anger on the revelations made by Captain Bunja Darboe and CO. I personally fear for the safety of their lawyers. The man is very upset. I mean, very, very upset. Lawyer Touray and Camara should avoid walking alone at late. The NIA has been  trailing them since this trial begun. They need to watch their back.”said the official.

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh suffered dozens of alleged coup attempts since he came to power in July of 1994. Some soldiers died in the process while others were exposed long jail terms by the judicial system. The President in his televised address shortly after the March 2006 alleged abortive coup vows to set a drastic lesson this time around against individuals planning to unseat through forceful means. The alleged ring leader of the March coup Colonel Ndure Cham, is said to be currently residing at a neighbouring country. Mr.Cham has sine been maintaining a low profile since his escape.

The disgruntled soldier says Daba and others were asked to make their last prayers before they were summarily executed by trigger happy state guard soldiers led by Musa Jammeh known as “Maliamungu or Chemical Ali.” After they were shot at close range continued the soldier, the deceased were buried in a mass grave at a location he promises to  photograph and send the pictures to Freedom. “God willing, I will forward the pictures of the scene area to you. President Jammeh is playing with human beings. He has been using our men as guinea pigs over the years. These killings and disappearances must ceased. We know why the NIA officers at Mile Two. He thought that by locking them, Gambians will not know about the killing of Daba and Co. These people are dead.”he charged.

The source said the army spokesman was being warned not to entertain question from journalists especially the foreign media about the death of Daba Marena and Co.”There are new faces in that office. Some of us who know what’s  going on are being monitored secretly. Even the Chief of Staff Lang Tombong Tamba is not safe. The death of Daba, Lowe and others causes a big confusion in the military. Anyone can be arrested on faked charges.” said the GAF insider.

The Gambian government earlier claimed that Daba Marena and Co escaped after the car they were travelling with crashed on their way to the Janjangbureh jail house. But the GAF official dismisses the government story describing it “as a fat lie and a cover up to deceive bereaved families. ”

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