Sierra Leone Alert: American journalist arrested, released

Elligh Mothershed, a visiting American journalist in Freetown was on November 15, 2006 arrested at 6B Jannet Lane Kingtom in Freetown on the orders of Alpha Timbo, minister in charge of labour and industrial relations.

The journalist was cautioned, released and asked to report to the minister later that day.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)-Sierra Leone source said Mothershed was in a meeting with some disgruntled youth who had returned from a mission in Iraq when he was arrested. He was warned to desist from interviewing the youth who had gone to Iraq to work as

The youth at the end of their mission were to be paid an amount of US$1,500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars) by their employer in Iraq through the Ministry of Labour. However, they claimed the amount was too small as compared to their colleagues from other countries.

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