By Sheriff Bojang Junior
Hey Pa,

I have just finished reading the supposed stuff about me being involved in the Jahumpa-Denton court case. It was brought to my knowledge since yesterday but I could not reply because  I have been busy transacting other things. Thus my reaction to the story is as follows:

Firstly, I must admit that I have had a very good professional relationship with both Fatmatta Jahumpa and Mariam Denton whiles I was in The Gambia. It wasnt any extra ordinary relationships. My relationship with both of them was purely based on my job as a journalist looking for stories to write and their capacities as political/legal celebrities with stories to tell. So my relationship with both of them was indeed a good one but based on professionalism.

Secondly, I must say that the whole story that was published sound ridiculous and absurd to me. How can a mere journalist of my standard force a politician of Fatmattas calibre say things that she did not want to say. This whole thing seems to be a joke to me. If the supposed quotations published were really from Fatmattas mouth, then God bless The Gambia cos she is not worth the post of a National Assembly speaker. I doubt very much that the statements were from Fatmatta. Maybe someone is screwing up somewhere because I believe Fatmatta will not make such a fool of herself by accusing me of unprofessional conduct in this saga. Anyone who knows me, including Pa Nderry will ascertain that I was never a journalist who would use someone to say things he/she didnt want to say. That has never been me.

Thirdly, I have done so many interviews with Jahumpa Ceesay but up to today I dont remember doing the interview that landed her in trouble with Mariam Denton. I dont remember either having any interview whatsoever with Fatmatta or anyone else inside a vehicle. I have interviewed her at her then office inside the State House, her house in Kanifing Estate or wherever and few times at Observer premises but definately not inside any vehicle contrary to what was reported. Either Fatmatta was lying or someone is hallucinating somewhere.

I must also admit that Fatmata on various occasions, rang me and complained bout me not putting my byeline in the story I wrote about her but I have always maintained that bylines were not that important to me. I did that for personal reasons and I have always maintained that. There was never a court case over a story written by me and I dont even remember the said story in question. Fatmatta also never complained about me misquoting her at any time. So I am confused, totally confused about this story.

If it is really true that the freedom sources quoted Fatmatta for real, I will happily testify in any Gambian court of land if my security is guaranteed. I have no reason not to and I am not bothered about it at all.

Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, June 26, 2007)
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