Breaking News:Scary Death Toll Hits Mile Two:40 Prisoners reported death! Kanilai Hotel Manager nabbed..
Scary Death Toll Hits Mile Two: 40 Prisoners Died In Gambian Jail House!

Deaths Linked To A Disease Called “Beriberi.”

Kanilai Hotel GM Nabbed!

Gambian Immigration Accused Of Harassing Aliens

By Landing Badjie, Our National Correspondent

About 40 prisoners at the State Central Prisons in Banjul  have reportedly
died as a result of beriberi. According to impeccable sources, the 40 had
died during the past 18 months due to poor prison conditions, leading to
sicknesses such as beriberi. Sources hinted this paper that conditions at
the State Central Prison are deplorable. Sources say many prisoners have to
reportedly succumb to beriberi thanks to lack of  proper handling of the

A Briton, Michael Russel Vante, who was remanded at Mile II for four months,
this week told a magistrates’ court  in Kanifing that two men had died of
beriberi under his eyes. He informed the court, presided over magistrate Pa
Harry Jammeh,that he himself had fallen ill to the disease and due to its
debilitating effects on him and other prisoners, he was left with no other
option but to take the matter to the doorstep of the British High Commission
in Banjul for necessary medical attention.

“About 40 people have died from  beriberi for the past 18 months or so,” Mr
Vante disclosed to the court.And now,the question on the lips of many Gambians is why the Gambian authorities chose to be silent on such a full-blown crisis that could pose a
public health scare.Be as it may, the authorities in Banjul are  expected to
come up with cogent explaination about the circumstances surrounding this
reported scary prison deaths.

Sindola MD Nabbed

Sources close to this paper hinted that the General Manager of Sindola
Hotel, Mr Lamin Sanneh, has  been picked up by men believed to be members of
the security forces.

Mr Sanneh, originally from Kiang in the Lower l River Region of The Gambia,
was arrested in his house  in Busumbala and whisked away to an unknown
At the time of filing this story, a concerned family member told our
national  correspondent that Mr  Sanneh was violently picked up by men who
identified themselves as members of the security.

“But we do not know why he was arrested and where he was taken. One thing we
can say is that the nature of his arrest was very violent and inhumane. We
don’t think he deserve such a treatment,” our source added.

Sindola Hotel is located in the home village of President Jammeh in Kanilai.
It plays host to many high-profile international meetings and guests. It
also host national workshops, meetings and conferences.

GID Chastised

The Gambia immigration Department have been given thumbs down for
their’un-Gambian’ treatment of aliens. This is not the first time that the
interior enforcement of GID have come under criticism for what many call
their unprofessional approach to duty when it comes to dealing with aliens.
Oflate, if the immigration department is not accused of harassing aliens,
then they will be soliciting   bribes from them.

Yesterday, a team of personnel from GID nearly caused a bloodbath when they
took to the streets in Serekunda, fishing out those aliens that were yet to
regularise their status.Inasmuch as GID is understood to have been
conducting a good job by ensuring aliens regularises their status, many
observers say they need to moderate their ‘rough’ approach with common sense
and professionalism.

When he newly took over as the DIG of GID, Mr Musa Mboob now IGP,made a
resolution that he would ensure the immigration change tact and adopt new
positive stance. This was a year ago and now that Mboob is not there, who is
expected to carry on this task.

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