Former Vice Chairman of the defunct Armed Forces Provisional Council Sana B Sabally, has once again found himself into another damaging and scary revelations. As Gambians mourned their loved ones on that bloody November 11 episode, which left scores of Gambian soldiers murdered by trigger happy soldiers led by Sana Sabally, some former army officers told this paper that they received credible and unimpeachable evidence linking Sana B Sabally to the killing of the November 11 alleged coupists. The aggrieved soldiers some whom were fired and jailed by the former military government charged that Sabally was at the centre of the killings and dares not to refute their claims. According to one of the soldiers who one time manned a command in the military, Sabally was seen at the Fajara Barracks on the day in question accompanied by state guards soldiers such as Sergeant Bombaredeh and others to execute the killings. Sabally said the former soldier, shot and killed the suspected mutineers at a close range after he ordered for their mass grave burial.

Close to 12 Gambian senior army officers were killed in that so called coup plot, which prompted Britain, Gambia’s former colony to issue a travel advise for its nationals to avoid travelling to the West African country. Other European nations also issued similar travel advise. It coincided with the country’s peak tourist season, which evidently hampered the nation’s fragile economy. Beside, agriculture Gambia’s major foreign exchange earner is tourism. A good number of people lost their jobs as many hotels were forced to close.

The concerned former army officers who wished to remain anonymous challenged Sana B Sabally to dispute their claims if he feels that they are “lying.” Sana, they said was talking to the late Basiru Barrow, a night before the said incident. According to the former soldier Sabally also visited the Yundum barracks where he violently assaulted Dot Faal, the late Lieutenant Saye and others. Saye was at his family home at the time of the said alleged coup, they said. Sabally, they added could be heard shouting at the top of  his voice saying that “Kill all of them.”

Sabally also allegedly threatened to kill soldiers assigned to carry out the execution in the event they delayed to execute his command. A former body guard of  Sabally intimated that  the former Vice Chairman also shot and killed people who obstructed his convoy in the early days of the transition. A lady who waved at the former  Vice Chairman at Lamin was killed by his escorting team on the spot. Sabally’s convoy also killed a pregnant woman in Serre-Kunda, the former soldiers claimed.

The coup they said was just a poly to get rid of certain tribes in the army whose loyalty was questionable at the material time. One of the soldiers in exile said he was on the ground when Sabally walked into the Fajara barracks with his guards. The former soldier said he personally spoke to Sana Sabally at the Fajara Barracks prior to the execution of  his colleagues. He said Sabally issued orders for the prime suspects to be killed. “After he participated into the killings, he quickly drove to the Radio Gambia with his guards chanting that they were in control. Sabally later announced that during the shot out some of the rebel soldiers died. Shortly after the announcement, he drove to the state house to inform Jammeh about the killings. Sabally acted on his own to kill the soldiers. He then started briefing the head of state about the names of the officers  murdered. He went as far as saying that the remaining captured soldiers should be killed, but was restrained.”said a former body guard of the disgraced Vice Chairman.

 According the former army officers, Sabally visited the mile two prisons on numerous occasions  with the intention of killing Samsideer Sarr, Chongan, Pa Sallah Jagne and other security detainees. “He was restrained to preserve the lives of the remaining detainees. He even cried in my presence over  Jammeh’s failure to allow him to deal with the detainees. Sabally wanted to see all the detainees dead. He will never volunteer information on the November 11, incident. He took part in the killings. He was the mastermind. He was a real killer.”said a former platoon commander at Yundum.

Mr.Sabally is currently on self imposed exile in Dakar Senegal. He resettled into the former French colony  after serving his nine years jail term. He was accused of planning to overthrow the former military government alongside with the late Sadibu Hydara. Hydara later died in custody. The government says the former council member was suffering from “high blood pressure”, a claim strongly doubted by his family. They believe that the government was out to cover the actual cause of death for their loved one.

The Freedom Newspaper was contacted by some former army officers who said they thought it necessary to spill the beans at this hour. The said ex-soldiers said they are prepared to testify against Sana Bairo Sabally in any court of law if requested. They also vowed to support any move taken by the affected families to drag the former “serial killer” to court. Sana, they said had the guts to talk about Koro Ceesay’s death when he took numerous lives in the military and the civilian community. “The mere fact that he is not talking about his role on the November 11 killings goes to show that he had something to hide. Sana Sabally would be the last person to comment on November 11. What he is doing at this hour is to stain people he had team up with to do the killings. Once a killer is always a killer. Sana should be real to Gambians and speak the truth. We know him.” said one of the former soldiers.

Editors note:The Freedom Newspaper would be more than glad to provide free pages to Mr.Sabally to respond to the former soldiers claims. We accepted his past criticism in good faith and is here by assured that the said report was done in good faith without malice. Mr.Sabally and his allies are also informed that this paper is not in the business of antagonizing citizens. Ours is to report the news faithfully, accurately and objectively without prejudice.  It’s imperative to note that the above allegations against Sabally are grave. To do justice to himself and his supporters, he should clear the air. Sabally has long been associated with the November 11 killings. It’s time to give him the benefit of the doubt to tell his side of the story. We harbored no grudges against Sabally.It’s up to him to react to the allegations.

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