The erstwhile Managing Director of GAMTEL Omar Ndow has been arrested and thrown into jail by the NIA, unimpeachable sources hinted today. Mr.Ndow was picked up by NIA operatives, shortly after his unceremonious sacking earlier this week. The circumstances surrounding his arrest are unclear at this hour, but sources say it might have to do with the recent communication breakdown facing the tiny West African country. Ndow has since been replaced by Katim Touray, an accountant by profession.

Mr.Ndow’s wife is a sister to Antouman Saho, the APRC Administrative Secretary. His family made numerous efforts to access him since his arrest but without success. Ndow, according to sources was likely to be charged by the state as the President was said to have been very upset with him days leading to his sacking and subsequent arrest.

An insider at the NIA office in Banjul confirmed the arrest, but declined to elaborate on the story. The insider says the orders to arrest Ndow came from the top and as such was helping them in their investigations.

Inside GAMTEL, worry and anxiety continues to grip local staffers including senior management members. Some GAMTEL engineers were also said to have been summoned for questioning regarding the current  communication blackout. Few days before Omar Ndow’s sacking, the GAMCEL MD was also fired by the authorities.

Unconfirmed reports say Mr.Ndow was also being investigated regarding an Asian company which was secretly contracted to regulate our International calls. The said company according to sources was not competent enough to handle the work, which resulted to the recent communication crisis. The deal according to sources was reached at a giveaway price. There was no independent confirmation to the said report. But sources say GAMTEL was also faced by lack of good equipment and sound economic footing to sustain the intuition.

GAMTEL insiders also told this paper that the company’s network could not sustain  recent phone lines  issued to its subscribers. As a result of this, said sources the company is experiencing unnecessary communication disruptions.

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