Breaking News:Release My Mum-Fatou Jaw Manneh’s son Tells President Jammeh! Ebrima Darbo, the son of the detained Gambian journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh in a passionate appeal called on President Yahya Jammeh to free his mum, who has been languishing in custody for the past couples of days. Mr.Darbo who emailed the Freedom Newspaper said the arrest of Fatou Jaw Manneh had devastated their family and therefore called on the Gambian authorities to release the journalist for the sake of motherhood. Mr.Darbo said they are behind their mum during these trying times.Below is the full text of Mr.Darbo’s letter to the Freedom Newspaper. Please read on… …………………….. Its been a pleasure for you to publish this news to the people to let them know that my mum don’t do nothing at all to be arrested. I want you to let my mum know that me an my big brother are praying for her every day and night we will be at her back any where any place, me an my big brother have been very very worried these days. We cant even sleep the night, I want you to publish this news for me tell President Jammeh an his NIAS that, for the sake of me and my big brother to let my mum go. Tell them we are begging for them because I know that there are no charges to be established against her. Also tell my mum that me and my brother love her an let her be a strong woman this will end soon and I want u to keep in touch with me. Any info you have please le me know. All rights reserved. Copying or re-writing our pieces without the expressed permission of this leading paper is prohibited. News Organizations and Research institutions interested in using our pieces are free to contact the editor before culling our stories. Such organizations must also give credit to Freedom before using our materials. We thank you for your attention. The editor can be reached at the following, or If you know that it’s happening or is about to happen please contact us. It’s easy. Just type your info on our contact us file and then click send. The Freedom Newspaper is your leading and most authoritative source of news. We have the required professionals to serve you round the clock. Get your morning breakfast news by reading Freedom. We have good stuffs every morning. At Freedom, we mean business. Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, April 25, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powere

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