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Spiritual work in Africa means a lot for some communities-mostly importantly despotic leaders. Leaders like the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, relied on spiritual predictions to run their governments. Here is a sad, but  human interesting story we are reporting today. The story touches on  alleged plans to take the life of the Gambian leader and his Mum through a magical work designed by a grand marabout from neighboring Senegal. The Marabout has since disappeared from his family. Armed Gambian guards abducted him and was taken to  an undisclosed location.

Since the arrest of the Marabout, no one here seems to know about his fate. Many believe that the Marabout might as well been possibly murdered by Jammeh’s hit men.The Marabout who was linked to preparing a spiritual concoction for the death of President Yahya Jammeh and his Mum Asombi Bojang is feared dead at this hour. Grand Marabout Omar Hydara was alleged to have prepared a concoction for one of his clients in The Gambia, which was tied on the neck of a Tabaski ram, purposely designed for ritual purposes. Ritual in Africa, has both positive and negative side effects. While some rituals are meant for evil activities, some tend to find solutions to a  Community’s problems.

In this case, paranoid Jammeh concluded that the ram ritual was meant for his down fall. The ram  which was paraded at the Brikama Market was to be sold and slaughtered on this past Tabaski,  in anticipation for the death of Jammeh and his Mum, according to sources reaching this paper. The President was said to have detailed some NIA agents to the Brikama Market to arrest those involved in the sale of the said ram. Marabout Hydara widely known as “Omar Abba Kebba.” is a native of Mahmouda Cherif of Casamance. Prior to his arrest, some of his family members  alerted him not to visit the country, as there were plans to get him arrested and possibly killed. But the Marabout who denies ever planning to kill the President through spiritual means, went ahead with his planned family visit. Although, he  has paid for the price,  as armed guards abducted him in Brikama to an undisclosed location.

While the Gambian leader was convinced about this spiritual ram  story to end his life, he wasted  no time to block efforts to slaughter the said ram on Tabaski day. Marabout Hydara disappeared few days before last year’s Tabaski in  Brikama. Plainclothes security operatives came to pick him up in Brikama New Town, sources revealed. Thanks to President Jammeh’s Marabout,  the so called ploy to claim his life and his Mum was discovered, sources added. In a forcast, Jammeh’s Marabout expressed the need for the relevant authorities to search for the ram  before it’s slaughtered, as  he predicts the President’s down fall once the said plan was executed.

The NIA acting on the Presidential directive, continued our sources, they stormed the Brikama Market to search for the  ram, which was said to have been wearing African charms called “juju” on its neck. “After a thorough search they found the ram with the exact description and the red juju round its neck. They arrested the owner and follow-up investigation led to the arrest of Omar.” said a family member who spoke to the Freedom Newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Gambian authorities would not entertain questions about the whereabouts of Marabout Hydara. His own Mum Arrou Aidara  is scared to comment on the story, including other family members in fear of reprisal from Jammeh’s agents. Hydara’s family are very desperate at this hour. Numerous efforts  to locate Hydara  proved abortive.

The Freedom Newspaper Correspondent during his investigations discovered that the “missing” Marabout had family ties with Abdou Rahman Hydara, who was also indisposed for comments. There was also this brother of Omar Hydara in the person of Badino Hydara was  reported to be very worried at this hour, as to the whereabouts of his loved one. Badiono was contacted for comments but was also not available to throw light on the story. Subsequent investigations also revealed that Mamina Hydara was  a relative of the feared dead Marabout. If President Jammeh thinks that we are trying to frame him, the named above mentioned individuals are affected by  this story.They want the body of their loved one Omar Hydara to be produce. They want the Jammeh government to confirm or deny reports that their loved one had been murdered. They also want to know the grave where Hydara had been buried. They want to pay their last respect to Hydara if it’s really true that he was murdered by your hit men.

Due to fear and insecurity in the country, the Hydara family are scared to engage the services of a lawyer to compel the state to produce the body of their loved one in court. The said family are traumatized, as we file this report. They are totally devastated. They never thought that the President would act on trivial matters of this nature to deny their loved one the right to live.

Mr.Hydara has joined the list of missing Gambians in recent times. First, was the Former Ruling APRC Administrative Secretary Foday Makalo. Makolo was declared missing by the government some  years ago, only for the nation to discover that Makolo was murdered by the government. His remains were buried at a local garden in Barra. His family say they last seen Makalo when he left for work that early morning. He never returned home since then. Makalo left his wife and children behind. His problem with the President Yahya Jammeh was said to have centered on missing  “party funds” which resorted to his murder and secret burial.

Former Gambian Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay also died under similar mysterious circumstances. His remains were found on a battered government Ministerial car. The government in a statement said Ceesay’s  vehicle was set on fire, but would not say what led to the incident. There was no serious investigations mounted by the regime to bring the killer(s) of Koro Ceesay to justice. His Dad and other loved ones made numerous appeals for the Jammeh government to launch a serious investigations into Koro’s death, but the government had not responded so far.

Former junta Interior Minister Sadibou Hydara who was jailed for nine years along side with Vice Chairman Sana Bairo Sabaly was also pronounced death by the government while serving his imprisonment. The government claimed that Hydara died as a result of “High Blood.” But his family disputed the government’s claims. The Hydara family said Sadibou never had “High Blood” in his life and therefore wondered how the government reached to such findings. Prison sources said Hydara must have died due to the torture he and Sabally suffered during their jailing in 1995. It was gathered that the Gambian secret agents used maximum force to obtain confession from the detainees.

While Omar Hydara is feared dead, two prominent opposition officials Rambo Jatta and Kanyiba are reported missing. Efforts to compel the Gambian government to produce the bodies of the two, through the courts, proved futile. The government in a court deposition denied holding the two, even though there were eyewitnesses who said they saw the NIA abducting the two. Attempts to reach the Department of State For the Interior for comments on the alleged murder of Omar Hydara failed, as the Secretary of State Ousman Sonko was said to be out of his office.

The Freedom Newspaper could not independently confirmed if Omar Hydara was indeed murdred by the Gambian authorities, but our investigations revealed that Hydara was abducted by the NIA.  Although, Family source informed us that Hydara might have been secretly executed. They said there was no indication to suggest that their loved one was “alive.” They cited the government’s move not to entertain enquiries regarding Hydara’s whereabouts.

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (Archive on Monday, July 16, 2007)
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