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It appears that the Mile Two Prisons in Banjul, is far from being stable. Not stable at all. A major shake up has hit the Prison Department. Prison officials who are expected to run the affairs of the jail house, are now being jailed. Commissioner of Prison Ousainou Colley has joined his superior David Colley in jail, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ousainou Colley was the Mile Two store keeper until his recent arrest. Police arrested him this past week on charges of theft,  felony and conspiracy. He is being investigated by the Gambian police on the above mentioned charges. A dependable source who emailed the Freedom Newspaper said  Colley hailed from Makubmbaya near Kombo Lamin. He is one of the top brass of the Prison Department. His arrest is causing unrest in the prison, as anxiety and worry continues to grip other prison officials.

As we file this report, two top officials of the Prison Department are being jailed on theft related charges. First, was David Colley, Commissioner of Prison and now his store keeper Ousainou Colley had joined him in prison.

Prison insiders say the arrest was these officials was “politically” motivated, as the Gambian President was “unhappy” about the prison logs on the execution of Daba Marena and four others. Prison records provided detailed information about the time and date Daba and Co were picked up from their prison cells prior to their execution by agents of the Gambian government.
Freedom Newspaper columnist Town Crier was the first person to break the news on the prison logs about Daba and Co. He mistakenly emailed copy of  his report to the hacked yahoo email address of the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper, which is currently in the hands of Jammeh’s hackers. The government reacted by arrested David Colley.

Posted on Monday, June 18, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, July 10, 2007)
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