Breaking News:Prison Commissioner David Colley to face new charges! D200,000 bribery scandal unveiled!
By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Landing Badjie.
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The director of the Gambian prisons is still under custody at the state central prison in Banjul and reports abound town that the state is busy contemplating coming up with fresh charges against the prisons boss. According to unconfirmed reports, the Gambian authorities would on Tuesday, next prefer other charges against David Colley, though our sources declined to comment further on the matter.

However, the town is afloat with reports that the charges may have something to do with Mr. Colley’s alleged connivance with some prison wardens to aid and abet the escape of a high-profile prisoner from jail. The prisons boss was said to have collaborated with some of his men to effect the escape of Batch Samba who’s currently serving a life imprisonment.

” My Colley is suspected of having a knowledge about the monetary transaction between his officers and Batch Samba who murdered Njogu Malick in a fight at Waaw Nightclub in Senegambia,” a highly placed source informed this medium.

The reports had it that Batch effected his escape at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul when he was taken there for medical treatment. He was said to have bribed two prison wardens with a sum of D200,000 each before escaping with them to Senegal.

Meanwhile, the state have formally charged Mr. Colley with the offences of abuse of office and embezzling funds entrusted in his care. He was recently arraigned at a  magistrates’ court in Banjul where he would be tried for his alleged offences.

During his recent court appearance, Mr.Colley alleged serious beating in the hands of security operatives. He informed the court that he was subjected to physical torture shortly after his arrest. Mr. Colley is expected back in court  June 26.

President Yaya Jammeh has stunned the entire Gambian nation when he announced his premature withdrawal from administering therapeutic cure to HIV/AIDS sufferers. Mr. Jammeh said he has gone on a semi-retirement and has now given the mandate of curing Aids victims to his nephew, Dr. Ansumana Jammeh.

For the Gambian leader, the time has now come for him to transfer his traditional knowledge to his nephew, whom, he described as more uncompromising and focussed. The president made these revelations at his birth place in Kanilai before discharging 18 Aids victims, he claimed to have cured.

According to Jammeh, his decision to task his nephew with the responsibility of treating those infected with Aids was informed by his busy schedules. But the president’s announcement was met with mixed reactions with considerable skepticism from various quarters. The president has been accused of excusing himself from his so-called crusade because of mounting pressure and that he had nothing more to offer.

” Mr. Jammeh’s withdrawal and his decision to transfer his so-called knowledge to his nephew is a stark contradiction of his earlier statement that his knowledge was hereditary and that it’s from father to son as always. He had also misled the Gambian public when he claimed that one must attain the age of 40 to be able to administer the cure he was doing. But Ansumana is below the age of 40,” says our interlocutors.

The Gambian leader’s claimed that he was going on a semi-retirement because he was preoccupied with other pressing state affairs could not serve as a cogent explanation to convince many. The president has been reminded of his saying that he would show no sign of lowering in his personal involvement in salvaging his people from the scourge of Aids.

At a time when the tiny, impoverished West African state has over 20,000 people infected with HIV/AIDS, many could not fathom why Mr. Jammeh should withdraw at this crucial phase of the country’s Aids history if he’s certain that he can contribute enormously in stemming the spread of the pandemic in a country where the average citizen lives on less than two dollars a day.

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