Gambia’s leading journalist Deyda Hydara was killed by President Yahya Jammeh’s hit men at the State House in Banjul. As the nation is about to observe the journalist’s demise on December 16TH, we as concerned Gambians thought it imperative to formally charge President Jammeh with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The particulars of offence therefore reads”On or about December 16TH, 2004, at the Jimpex junction just opposite the Police Intervention Unit (PIU),  Head Quarters in the Kombo Saint Mary Division, President Yahya Jammeh  together with some State House junglers such as Tumbul Tamba, SGT.Kawsu Camara AKA Bombardeh now (Lieutenant) the late Daba Marena, and EX-IGP Sonko  to shoot and kill Deyda Hydara at a close range leaving two staffers of the Point Newspaper, Nyan Jobe and Ida Sallah critically injured.” Count two of the indictment reads”On or about December 16Th 2004, along the Jimpex junction, just opposite the Police Intervention Unit Head Quarters, President Yahya Jammeh conspired with state House junglers such as Tumbul Tamba, SGT.Kawsu Camara AKA Bombardeh (now Lieutenant) to take the life of Journalist Deyda Hydara with the sole aim of crippling the country’s censored private press and possibly forcing local journalists to leave the country.  Mr.Jammeh is one of prime suspects in this well organized state crime against an independent minded journalist who spent all his life to promote ideals of good governance and free press in that impoverished West African country.

It’s up to the Gambian police, the army and other sister security agencies in the country to pursue the above indictment charges proffered against President Jammeh and his accomplices in this high profile crime. We have concrete and irrefutable evidence that linked President Jammeh and the persons named therein with the above mentioned charges. Deyda’s murder was well premeditated and the state have hands in it. As long President Jammeh continues to serve as President of this country, his killers who are  no other than President Jammeh and the persons named will never face justice.

President Jammeh’s first reaction on Deyda’s murder was kind of joy and anger at the same time. He blamed the junglers who executed the mission for failing to “accomplish  their mission.” Jammeh wanted everybody in Deyda’s car dead that fateful night. The escape of Ida Sallah and Nyan Jobe sounds very disturbing to him as he believes that the survivors might possibly exposed the killers one day. A team of NIA agents dispatched by the late Daba Marena travelled all the way to Dakar just to witness the final fate of the shooting incident victims who were between life and dead.

President Jammeh was angry with Deyda Hydara since his paper succeeded in exposing the missing millions at the Central Bank, the Baba Jobe Tax evasion scandal, The Baba Jobe, New Millennium Blood Diamond case,the Gambia Tourism Land Graping scandal spearheaded by Minister Yankuba Touray,Police corruption, torture cases meted out to Citizens by the army and the NIA, the Judicial interference, Draconian Press laws which Deyda refuses to recognize  among host of other stories still fresh in our minds. President Jammeh thought that the best way to prevent the journalist from exposing graft and other social vices affecting our dear country, which he Jammeh termed as a “threat to National Security.” was to take his life.

One of his trained junglers, who was used by Jammeh to author a “cooked up” NIA confidential report in the person of Daba Marena blamed the journalist for his death, as they tried to link him with provocation and adultery. A year later, Daba Marena was arrested alongside with some security chiefs accused of planning to topple the Ruling APRC government. Daba who used to head the torture chambers at the NIA, was dragged from his confinement cell one fine morning and summarily executed by the government alongside with other coup suspects. Daba is gone. The remaining killers on the ground would sooner or later pay for the price. Deyda Hydara comes from a Sheriff background and whoever spilled his blood would suffer the same fate one day.

Some pro-government supporters might be wondering whether the authors of this open indictment brought against President Jammeh and his accomplices “are legally minded” to file such charges and what evidence we have in our possession to come up with such charges. We say let such pro-government supporters prove us wrong if they feel that what we reported is inaccurate. President Jammeh himself dares dispute our report. He actively took part on Deyda’s murder and nothing can make us believe that Jammeh doesn’t  have hands on it. Jammeh was right at the state house, while remote controlling the junglers who were assigned to shoot and kill Hydara.

While, we observe the death of our nation’s most gallant journalist Deyda Hydara, we urge the International Community and other civilized nations to join us in bringing President Jammeh and his accomplices to book. President Jammeh is a threat to world peace. We don’t want such a murderer in our soil. By now, Jammeh should have been in jail or outside the country facing crimes against humanity charges. We hope and pray that the open indictment brought against Jammeh and his accomplices would be pursued by any future government. The chances of the Gambian police bringing Jammeh to book at this hour is very unlikely. We call on the Hydara family, Point Staffers and Deyda’s fans to continue to put their faith in God. Justice shall come one day. We wish Deyda Hydara eternal rest. We shall continue to remember you no matter what. Enemies of Freedom, such as Yahya Jammeh must answer to the above indictment soon.

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