Breaking News:Pit Latrines offend Ebo Town residents
  By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
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Residents of Ebo Town are offended by their pit latrines most of which  are full and found drained by rain during flooding in their area floating in their vincinity fearing cholera.Pit Latrines dug very close to dwelling houses and drinking  water wells has sent worrying signals when the area flooded last week  leaving inhabitants in a worrying situation.

According to Pa Modou Jallow living in the heart of the problem, the  area has very poor toilet system, which has not been addressed by the government.  He said the toilets are poorly dugged  and are covered round with  either carton papers or old zinc just  close to their dwelling houses. “Some of these toilets are shameful and  very offensive. Our drinking water wells are just too close to the  toilet areas.  Some  are  just about ten metres from the  wells. We have no tap water clos to our houses and our dwellings are  terrible due to the poverty we  are facing now. It is dangerous to see  the shit running to our houses when the flooding persists.”

Some setic tanks in the area are opened when flooding start to empty the waste in the running water. Several coumpounds are in that trouble  because their compounds are too small to build toilets any further  from their water wells.

It could be recalled that last year there was an outbreak of cholera in  Ebo Town which was solved in time. The cause of the problem was not dealt with the problem is still left to be solved.

Naba Jammeh, an old lady has said that their area is neglected because  the road the government constructed after a long suffering has caused  more flooding than ever. The road she said is poorly constructed without drainage system. That is why the road looks like pond without  fish.

“The area needs help otherwise if it continues that way the cholera outbreak would have to spread soon and many will go since there is no good road, no good drainage and no good toilet facility.” Says Mr. Z. P. Correa a compound owner.

Miss Bajan, a Grade 12 student says, “We need descent toilet  facility.  Not only the rich. These toilets are terrible, I cannot afford to let  my visiting scool friend enter in them. The wastes are all over the place each time it rains. Why only us?”

Posted on Sunday, August 19, 2007 (Archive on Thursday, August 30, 2007)
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