Baby Muhammed Jammeh’s naming ceremony: Over 40 Parastatals including Africell Gave Over 200 Sheep To Jammeh!!Imam Fatty Presides Over the naming ceremony!!

By Lamin Jammeh

The birth of a son of the president has brought another holiday added to the many holidays of the year today. Mohamed Yahya A.JJ Jammeh a boy born in America recently has been named at the state house at Banjul today. Before his naming ceremony, many were attracted to bring in gifts. Over 40 parastatals including Africell who gave him 200 sheep as the baby’s gifts. Many are said to be paying lip service so as to survive the storm and be seen as good fellow.

The president declared today as a holiday which will run for three days including the new year and a day after that. Thousands of supporters and poor people were seen on the streets of Banjul and the beach to celebrate his son’s naming ceremony.

Meanwhile the celebration is hot in Kanilai where all villagers around the Fonis have thronged to celebrate the same feast. Thousands of  crates of soft drinks were offered by many parastatals with GAMTEL donating 100 crates to help with the celebration. The materials were packed at the KMC after donation.

Imam Fatty said during his prayers at the ceremony that the name Mohamed was the name of the Holy Prophet Mohamed. Naming his son as that means thanking God the Almighty for what He has done for him.

Meanwhile buses were seen standing at West Field ferrying well wishers to the scene at Banjul. Jammeh’s mother was present and held the boy infront of many people.

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