Breaking News:Observer News Editor Lamin Dibba Fired!! As the NIA hunts for Wise Man!
Stop Press: : Lamin Dibba an Editor at the pro-government Newspaper, the Daily Observer has been fired with immediate effect. Dibba a resident of Brikama has been fired twice in a span of one year. His first firing had to do with an hiv piece he authored, in which he was accused of “misquoting” the Gambian President who claimed to have cure for aids. He was reinstated, following an intervention made by Gambia’s Agriculture Minister Yankuba Touray. Dibba has been fired again. One report suggested that he was being associated with the Freedom Newspaper, while another report said Dibba was being suspected of being a “sympathizer” of the opposition. What is evident though,  is that the Gambian government has long been trailing our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man. Mr.Dibba is not a staffer of this paper and it’s wrong for anyone to victimize him. Wise Man’s stories are factual and is driving the state house crazy. You have sacked the wrong person. Dibba’s sacking followed a lead story authored by Wise Man in which he exposed an APRC Chairman who was detained on domestic violence charges. Below is the full text of the story….
By Our Western Division Wise Man.
Paid For and Commissioned by the Freedom

Western Division APRC Chairman Dembo Keleng Bojang, has been arrested in connection with “domestic violence.” the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.Mr.Bojang who is currently held at the Brikama Police Station was accused of assaulting his  wife Binta Mari Sanneh, who he accuses of being unfaithful to him. Bojang claimed in a statement to the police that his wife was “cheating on him” and as such he deems it necessary to beat her up. Bojang’s wife is a petty trader at the Brikama Market, where she sells palm oil. To the surprise of many here, Mr.Bojang walked into the market and forcefully took the Palm oil can and poured it on the face of Binta Mari Sanneh. She sustained grievous body harm  as a result of the attack she was exposed to by her husband. Bojang told the police that he had credible evidence that his wife was sleeping with another man even though she was legally married to him. The Brikama police station was the scene for curious onlookers as Brikamarian stormed the premises of the police station.

Dembo Keleng Bojang who lives in Brikama Mansarinsu is at the age of 60. The relationship between the coupls soured when Bojang married a second wife in the person of Fatou Hydara. Binta felt that she was being sidelined by his husband because of his new wife. She demanded to be divorced but Bojang refuses to let her go. The matter was later a subject of court litigation. An Islamic Sharia Court finally ruled that the said marriage should be terminated to allow both couples to have independent life. The court ruled that since trust and respect was not practicised in the said marriage the plaintiff should be allowed to go on her own business.

Mr.Bojang however, was displeased with the court’s ruling. He insists that the said marriage was still valid. Despite the court ruling, he constantly tried to monitor the activities of his former wife. Reports have it that the couples had history of differences and fighting was not new to their relationship.

Bojang’s previous assault cases before the police were buried under the carpet, thanks to his influence in the area. The Brikama police has been accused of aiding and abetting Bojang. Four complaints were registered against Dembo, but so far the police had not pursued any of the past assault complaints said sources.Bojang claimed that one Sambujang Bojang was messing with his wife in the recent times. Dembo said Sambujang  used to be his best friend, but had betrayed their friendship by allegedly luring his wife into relationship.

One corporal Jammeh assigned to the case told our correspondent that the  case was being investigated. Jammeh said they were yet to decide whether the matter would reach the courts for justice.

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