Breaking News:NIA Visits Daily Observer:Saja Taal, Mam Sait Ceesay others in trouble following story on Sana Sabally
By Bolong Jammeh, Our Political And Securiy Affairs National Correspondent.
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NIAs visits Daily Observer

The Daily Observer Newspaper premises was yesterday Thursday stormed by personnels of the National Intelligence Agencies (NIA) following the Publication of an article on the paper’s Wednesday 17 May, 2007 edition on Sana Sabally and Co alleged meeting with the Senegalese Interior Minister. According to our correspondent on the ground, personnels who disclosed their identities as NIAs came to the Observer office asking for the Editor-in Chief, but were told that there was no Editor-In Chief at the Daily Observer. The officials questioned the News Editors at work as to who was responsible for publishing the article and they replied that the article was believed to be from States House but given to them by Dr Saja Taal, Observer’s Managing Director. They said to the NIAs that Saja was the one who gave the directives for the publication of the article.

The furious looking NIAs then asked for Dr Taal but he was out of  the office. He was then contacted Dr Taal on his mobile phone and on arrival he was confronted with the question of who actually authorised them to publish the article but he said it was Mam Saite Ceesay, State House Press Secretary and former Editor-In Chief. The officials then contacted Mam Saite but he was arrogantly on the phone to the NIAs who called him. Then the Officials asked all the news editors to wait for them as they go for Mam Saite Ceesay.

Saja Taal was asked to instantly write a statement as to how he got the information and who gave him the authority to publish the article. They could not come back to the office but promised they will finalised their investigations today Friday. There are fears all over that any of the parties involved could go behind bars.

While some staff accused Mam Saite of trying to implicate Taal because he is not happy leaving Daily Observer, yet the Management of the Company are requesting that the vehicle given to Mam Saite be return, despite Mr Ceesay insist to to return the vehicle; others blame Saja for failing to comply with the culture of seeking clearance from the SoS for Communication, Information and Technology Nenneh Macdold Gaye who will seek the consents of President Jammeh before publishing the article.

However, it is believe that if Saja did contact SoS Gaye, then likely there will be some troubles some where. Saja was qouted as saying: “These NIAs are not taking this matter lightly.” It has been rumoured that the Gambia government padoned the three sentenced Senegalese officials just to please the Senegalese government because of the fears over border security concern relating to the article.

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