Breaking News:NIA refuses to hand over Fatou Jaw Manneh to her step Dad!weeping families devastated! Interior Minister Ousman Sonko By Landing Badjie,Our National Correspondent The step father of journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh is currently working round the clock to secure the release of his daughter. Mr. Ismaila Manneh was this afternoon at the NIA Headquarters in Banjul and is also meeting other authorities as part of efforts to secure the release of his daughter who was arrested by the Gambian security agents upon her arrival into the country from the U.S. When our correspondent visited the family home of Madam Manneh in Kombo Sukuta, he was told that Ismaila Manneh, accompanied by some concerned senior citizens of Sukuta, were in Banjul in consultation with the relevant authorities. At the time of filing this report, Mrs Manneh was still under custody in Banjul. A family member lamented that the news of the arrest of Manneh came to the entire family as a bombshell. “We have never set eyes on her since she arrived into the country.We were only informed that she was arrested at the Banjul International Airport,” said our interlocutor. Meanwhile, the quiet of the family compound of Mrs Manneh could be likened to that of a cemetry. There is sadness everywhere. Her relations were outwardly dejected as they longed to see their relative who was absent from home for many years. It could not be,at the time of writing this story, confirmed as to why the erstwhile journalist was arrested but it’s widely believed that her arrest must have something to do with her writings about the Jammeh administration. All rights reserved. Copying or re-writing our pieces without the expressed permission of this leading paper is prohibited. News Organizations and Research institutions interested in using our pieces are free to contact the editor before culling our stories. Such organizations must also give credit to Freedom before using our materials. We thank you for your attention. The editor can be reached at the following, or If you know that it’s happening or is about to happen please contact us. It’s easy. Just type your info on our contact us file and then click send. The Freedom Newspaper is your leading and most authoritative source of news. We have the required professionals to serve you round the clock. Get your morning breakfast news by reading Freedom. We have good stuffs every morning. At Freedom, we mean business. Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, April 25, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered By PointClick : Terms Of U

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