Breaking News:Minister Omar Faye’s wife in an Assault Case- As Ndey Njie assaults Omar Adams’s new wife at the police head quarters!!

Omar Faye’s
wife in trouble
with the law!!

By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Landing Badjie.
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The extra-marital sex scandal case involving Gambian Religious Affairs and Sports Minister Omar Faye, has resurfaced in the limelight with his new snatched wife Ndey Njie accused of  physically assaulting the new wife Omar Adams, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively reveal. Ndey Njie who is currently being investigated for “falsifying a marriage certificate” to marry the embattled Minister appeared before a magistrate court in the Capital City Banjul to answer to charges of felony and assault charges. Court papers filed by the office of the Inspector General of police says the incident in question occurred on May 14TH, 2007 at the police head quarters in Banjul while the accused was there being investigated on a different charge this time allegations of marital fraud she reached with the disgraced Minister Omar  Faye. Minister Faye who was snubbed by the President following the said matrimonial fraud was accused by Omar Adams of snatching his “legally married wife” in the person of Ndey Njie. The Minister was also accused among other things, including luring the young lady to transfer the compound papers of Omar Adams in the name of Njie’s daughter.

Court papers say Ndey Njie entered a second marriage with Minister Faye, even though she was never divorced by her husband Omar Adams. The marriage was contracted when Mr.Adams was in Europe. Both Minister Faye and Ndey Njie are currently being investigated by the Banjul anti fraud squad police for falsifying a marriage certificate. Police have interviewed a local Cadi , who was linked to the issuance of the said marriage certificate, which police say was obtained through false pretense.

Prior to the assault charges brought against her, Ndey Njie went to the Kanifing court to express her wish to divorce her husband claiming that Adams had dumped her and that he Adams was no longer interested in the marriage. The court however, told Njie that it cannot dissolve the marriage without the consent of the husband and her father. She therefore took the matter to her husband’s father who insisted that he cannot be a party to the divorce efforts unless his son agrees.

Unhappy with the old man’s firm decision not to break the marriage, Ndey Njie then called another elderly man, this claiming that the old man was the father of her husband. The court later heard that the local Islamic court called the Cadi court acted based on the evidence presented to it by Ndey Njie to untie the nuts between the two couples-not knowing that Ndey was fooling the court.

The police prosecutor assigned to handle the high profile case informed the court that upon the husband’s return from Europe, he too went to the local Islamic Court called the “Cadi Court” to seek an advise on the matter. ‘The matter was later taken to Kairaba police station and finally to the  Major Crimes Unit in Banjul, where the accused, her first husband and the husband’s father were summoned for dialogue,” the court was told. “While there waiting for the dialogue to kick-start, Ndey told her first  husband’s wife that she had no business in the matter and should, therefore, keep quiet since the issue is between the Adam and Njie families. But the present wife retorted that she was not talking to Ndey but Omar Adams. It  was there that Ndey rushed to give her a face-breaking slap. She was, as a result, arrested and charged.” She was also being investigated on marital fraud together with Omar Faye.  Police wanted them to give peace a chance, pending the determination of the case, but Ndey Njie went wild and physically assaulted Adams’s  new wife.

The Adams family and the woman’s family said they want justice on Ndey Njie’s recent “madness.” She was said have assaulted Adam’s wife in the presence of police top officials and investigators. “She being a Minister’s  wife doesn’t give her the right  to beat people with impunity. She assaulted Adam’s wife in the presence of the police. The President needs to intervene. Omar Faye is using his position to corrupt the police. Nothing is going to come out of this case. Ndey Njie told her former husband’s family that she got the backing of the Minister Omar Faye. She never wasted time at the police despite the magnitude of the crime she has been accused of. The President is being urged to look into this matter. Being a Minister’s wide don’t give her the license to assault people in the presence of law enforcement officials.” said our source who witnessed the incident.

Ndey Njie is expected to appear in court this morning on charges of assault and causing grevious bodily harm. Many observers here keenly following her case. They say they are interested what would be the outcome of the said trial. Gambian public officials and their spouses have been violating the law without any form of justice meted out to them. Despite the President’s past assurances that those in government are not above the law, the situation on the ground is to the contrary. Police are either afraid to investigate these officials or are often bribed to bury such cases.

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