Breaking News:Major Bajinka, Sonko others exposed!A source forwarded scanned letter!!!

By Serg PMJ Banjul

Demba Ali Jawo has been targeted for assassination on many occasions especially at the time when he was the Editor-In-Chief of the banned The Independent Newspaper. He continued to be targeted after leaving his position as The Independent editor but continue to write Independent Critic. I also wrote in one of my piece that he was targeted during April 10/11 2000 student demonstrations. Thank God that all the attempts woefully failed and that he is still alive.

I want to put the record straight as to what actually happened regarding his Kanilai plan assassination. We at the Intelligence are in possession of a hand written note send to the would-be assassins purportedly from President Jammeh. I used “Purportedly” because we are yet to establish who actually wrote the note, which will be hereunder reproduced. They will be surprised how we managed to be in possession of this hand written note. Well the note was found a day after the assassination should take place, on a chair occupied by security personnel. I don’t know who was so careless to leave it there or whom was it given to but it was found by one of our agent who was sweeping in the morning.

I know Bajinka is a criminal just like Sonko but according to the note, President Jammeh did not instruct him with the task, he was there to lure D.A. Jawo outside, which means he is an accomplice. I am not against either Bajinka or Sonko because they are more or less the same. They are part of the killers and we have the records. They are all criminals and should be treated, as such just like President Jammeh. Whatever is said about the planned assassination on a sister news outlet is true just that the names of those who should execute the task are left out except that of Ousman Sonko.

“Sonko lead your boys (Matin, Tamba, Jammeh, Camara) to execute the task. Bajinka will lure D.A Jawo outside. Let him never see Banjul again. I want him to die miserably and be buried here or give him to the crocodiles.”
To recount that fateful night, we were having dinner at the Sindola Hotel restaurant. I was sitting at the left corner when entering the restaurant with a colleague. We choose that position so that we can have a good view of everybody in the restaurant. Suddenly, Bajinka enters the restaurant and went straight to a small fair in complexion whom, we later identify as Ndey Tapha Sosseh. They exchanged words and the small lady said something and laughs. He then stood up and I suddenly small a rat because I saw an indifferent in his face. I saw the actual operational Major Kalipha Bajinka looking towards Demba Jawo. Minutes later, I also saw Sonko at the restaurant entrance, eyes red maybe drunk. I then left my sit and ask my friend that I was coming. While I was at earshot from Jawo, Bajinka came to him and exchanged greetings. As an Intelligent Agent, I forthwith know that there is something they want to do but he (Bajinka) doesnÂ’t know how to lure Jawo out and even if he ask Jawo that he wants to see him, he (Jawo) would not entertain it because he knows they are all criminals. I then when back to my place and started chatting with my colleague while paying close attention to Bajinka. After he left, I ask my colleague that I was going to bed. I left the restaurant to a hideout to monitor the movement. After knowing that Demba went back to his hotel room, I went back to my base and put everything I saw and heard in black and white in my small diary.
Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, May 30, 2007)
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