reaking News:Magistrate Imelda Mbutto dismisses Fatou Jaw Manneh’s case! Case goes to Brikama
Not in My courts-says Magistrate Mbutto, as she dismisses Fatou Jaw Manneh’s case!
…..Brikama Magistrates Court to hear F Manneh’s case!
By A Correspondent in Banjul.

The high profile sedition case against the US based Gambian journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh has suffered another set back. In a swift and professional manner, Magistrate Imelda Mbutto has thrown  Fatou Manneh’s case of the Banjul Magistrate court to Brikama. The trial magistrate says she lacked the jurisdiction to hear the said case.

“I have gone through the file and hence the subject matter of the charges originated from the US and retrieved through the internet in Banjul, and the internet is global watched by the whole world so the issue cannot be tried in this court. And hence the accused is arrested at the Yundum airport, Brikama  should be the appropriate courts to hear the matter. Yundum falls under Brikama jurisdiction.” she told packed court room today.

These were some of the reasons Imelda Mbutto gave in an instant ruling immediately she resumes her seat at the Banjul  Magistrates courts today. She apologized to the courts for failing to appear in court during the last sitting,  as she was suffering from pneumonia. She therefore apologized to the accused Fatou Jaw Manneh and signaled her intention to dismiss the case from his court. Consequently, she transferred the case to Brikama, where the accused is expected to take a new plea.

This case has been dragging for sometime now. It appears that the state lacked material evidence to prosecute the accused. Recent case transfers raises more doubts in the minds of the legal fraternity. That the state is bent on delaying the case without any justification. The trial magistrate is empowered to dismiss the case on the basis of wanton  prosecution. The prosecution is apparently not doing its home work right by assigning the case to jurisdiction which lacks powers to hear the matter.

If It happen that Brikama accepted to hear the case, this means that the whole trial would start fresh. We are talking about another six to nine month trail in the case of Fatou Jaw Manneh. Brikama has a back log of cases currently pending. The accused and his lawyer would also be compelled to travel all the way to Brikama to take part in the proceedings.

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