Lt.Colonel Fofana Absconds!!!

Army Spokesman says Fofana deserted the Force following the completion of his overseas military course!!

By Justice Sam and Landing Badjie, Our Banjul Bureau Chief

Leaks from the Army main Command in Banjul say Lt. Colonel Commander Sarjo Fofana  might have possibly absconded,  following the completion of his overseas military course.  Fofana who was supposed to report to duty two weeks ago,  never showed up to work, GAF dependable and trusted sources told the Freedom Newspaper. Commander Fofana  used to head the Gambia Naval Command and was also the President of recently constituted Court Martial, which condemned Captain Bunja Darboe and others to life imprisonment. Fofana’s disappearances is a subject of discussion at the GAF Head Quarters in Banjul. Concerns are being raised in some quarters that he might as well be implicated in the March abortive coup, which he was hired to decide the fate of coup suspects. Insiders at the GAF Head Quarters say Colonel Fonfana has since lost contact with his colleagues amidst speculations that he absconded.

It would be recalled that Commander Fofana vehemently condemned what he calls the callous and well premeditated plans  taken by the coupists led by Colonel Nudure Cham to topple the democratically elected government of The Gambia.  Fofana was quoted as saying that every long journey must come to an end. “”I think we are now in a position to read out the verdict and we pray that this never happened in the history of The Gambia.” Colonel Fofana told a packed court room at the Yundum Barracks while handing over his verdict.

Fofana’s alleged absconding  came to light last week when the army command made frantic efforts to establish the whereabouts of the soldier. Colonel Fofana is reported to have deserted the force.  He is apparently avoiding his colleagues.  A senior army officer said Fofana ignored their emails and phone calls in the recent past. ” Lang Tombong Tamba advised us not to make an issue over  his absence from the army. He is very disappointed by Fofana’s move to desert the force. Everyone here is disappointed.” said the army officer.

Security analyst say there are many officers contemplating leaving the country due to insecurity in the army. The analyst says Fofana might as well  absconded due to the divide and rule in the army. The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has been accused of favoring his own tribe by appointing them into key security positions in the country.  Soldiers in active duty have complained about poor pay, discrimination and marginalization.

An army spokesman in Banjul confirmed that Lt. Colonel Commander Fofana had indeed deserted the force. ” At First we thought that he was relaxing for a week before returning to the country. It’s more than two weeks when he completed his overseas course. There is no indication that Fofana will come back. He is being treated as a deserted soldier. The rest would be taken care of by the GAF command. He is not with us now.” said the Army spokesman.

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