Breaking News:Kitty youths clash with July 22ND youths! Police arrested four in connection with the political violence!

By Our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man.
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The Youths of Kitty Village near Brikama town kombo central and kombo has resently crash with July 22nd movement youths staying at President jammeh Garden camp as the ongoing  Land dispute continue between the president and the village.
This Land dispute all started ways back in 2006 when the Elders of Siffoe village headed by their late chief Alkalo sukuta Sambou, the Dad of the present local Goverment minister Ismailia Sambou gave about Three kilometre of land to President Yahya Jammeh between siffoe and Kitty Village in Western region belonging to sifffoe and Kitty Village, which the Kitty youths those not approved the giving of the said land to president Jammeh for free. A source close to the Siffoe “Bulanda” council elders in siffoe Village told freedom news paper that the late Alkalo Sukuta Sambou has told siffoe bulanda that when the said plot of land is given to Yahya Jammeh he has promise to create Garden for the benefit of the villagers and not only that but to also pay some cash as compensition, according to the sources after making this agreement with the village, ” we did not benefit from any garden or cash but july 22nd youths” he said. last week  crash started when july 22nd youths living at the gerden camp continue to harrest the passerby, which the kitty youths discribed to be unhuman and provation to the village.
Dembo Bojang an elder  from Kitty village told Freedom news that they did not make any agreement with the President the people of Siffoe had made  an agreement in giving him a plot of land ‘But the issue here is they should only give him their land but the other side they gave him belong to our village! he should return us our land. where would our children be pround of went they grow up? We are Poor and the president is rich he should not make us suffer this is not fair and now look what the whole thing is bringing problems and problems.”he stressed.

Musa Balajo youth leader at kitty village told Wise man that ” after forcefully taking our land form us 22nd july group camp is build there instate of garden as they promise to Siffoe now if you coming from siffoe to kittty you are scare with harresment, for girls if you are not be carefull you are always mostly rape, this has to stop they cannot take our land from us and use it on dirty ground that why we attack them” he disclosed.

Using my Journalism Skills i was able to speak to one July 22nd youths kebba Gibba he told me that they put check point to make sure that any passer by who are passing are not criminals if you are suspected you are mostly detained at the camp.

Meanwhile, Police have arrested the fighting youths. During a visit to the Brikama police station I saw the following detainees: Alieu Bojang, kebba Bah, musa Demba and foday sanneh. Police say the men were being held in connection with the Kitty fighting violence. No charges have been brought against them yet.

Posted on Monday, June 18, 2007 (Archive on Monday, July 30, 2007)
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