By MB Ceesay Banjul

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is reported to have ordered his hit squad to kill gays and lesbians found in The Gambia, reveals competent official sources. The Presidential final directive was given last week, as his  hit men have intensified night patrols around the Tourism Development Area with sole aim of killing suspected gays in the country. The President says he wants all gays dead in The Gambia. “ The President has given us directive to kill gays in The Gambia. Our men are currently patrolling the Tourism Development Area to search for gays soliciting sex from Gambians. The President has created an anti gay terror squad, whose main responsibility is to apprehend and kill gays in The country. This project is being funded by the Iranian Government. The Iranian Government has welcomed the President’s  move to eradicate gay and lesbianism in The Gambia. Following the President’s threats to behead gays, Iran has announced its solidarity with The Gambia. Our men have been issued with a special budget to combat homosexuals in this country.” Said a highly placed source close to the President’s office in Banjul.

Tourists,  mainly from England, Germany, Sweden, Finland and other European countries have complained about being harassed by Gambia’s security forces. The tourists vowed not to visit The Gambia in their life time. “ We have been persistently harassed and threatened by The Gambian security forces. They accost us along beaches, night clubs, markets and other public places posing as gays in order to get us arrested. In one encounter, a plain cloth security agent came to our hotel at Kairaba, asking me if I am interested to befriend him. The officer claimed that he likes me and he wanted to have a drink with me.  I told him that I  was busy to accommodate conversation with strangers, but he insists to talk to me. At the time, I had the company of my  three European guest neighbors, all of whom are men. The security agent started making dirty sexual remarks, but I still refused to give him attention. He later left. A staffer of the Hotel came and asked me if I knew the person I was talking to and I replied in the negative. He then informed me that the man works for the NIA and was assigned to mount a surveil on suspected gays at the Kairaba Hotel. The hotel worker also informed me that there were armed security officers in plain clothes assigned to apprehend and kill gays in the Gambia. We became frightened and went to bed.” Said the European tourist John.

John says many tourists are cutting their holidays short because of the Presidential directive to kill suspected gays. “ This is my 20Th visit to The Gambia. I will never visit this country again. The Gambia is no longer Africa’s smiling cost. This is not a safe place for tourists any more. I will not advise tourists to come to The Gambia. The Government is anti gays. It’s promoting hatred against Europeans-most importantly gays. I  am  married,  but I am on their list of suspected gays. They come to our hotel at night soliciting sexual advances from guests. This means, no tourist is safe in The Gambia.” John lamented.

At a mass rally at Tallinding, President Jammmeh gave 24 hours ultimatum to gays to leave The Gambia. The President said  from now on, his Government will be beheading gays, like it obtained in Iraq and Iran. The President says The Gambia is a Muslim country and shall not condoned gays in this country. “ If you do not want to be beheaded, you  have to leave The Gambia, within 24 hours. There will be no more gays in The Gambia. We will not welcome gays in this country. I have given you 24 hours to leave The Gambia, or risked being killed.” Jammeh threatened.

Two Spanish tourists were recently arrested and charged with soliciting sex from a taxi driver. But a British tourist at the Senegambia  Hotel remarked “ There was no iota of truth into the allegations brought against these Spanish tourist. The cab driver works for the NIA and was assigned to test the Spanish tourists. If you may call it a set up, that’s fine. The tourists never solicited sex from the driver. I know what I am telling you. There are many men coming to this hotel soliciting sexual advances from us the guests. Their main goal is to establish our sexual orientation and then get us arrested. Almost all the hotels in The Gambia, have been infiltrated by NIA undercover sex solicitors. One of the mangers of my hotel has advised us to refrain from talking to people we do not know. He told us that there is an operation underway to crack down on homosexuals in The Gambia.” Said a British hotel.

Meanwhile, anxiety and worry grips European guests in the country. The President  has issued directive to kill suspected gays in the country. Most of the guests interviewed said they will never come back to this country.

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