Breaking News:Kanilai Roots Festival round the corner!!
By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Landing Badjie.

Kanilai in Foni Kansala district of Western Region would this Friday be involved in a weekend celebration of culture and, as usual, this will be one of the major events to excite the senses.
Last year, Kanilai hosted over 50,000 culture loving public from the West African sub-region. This year’s festival will be the fourth event held in the Gambian leader’s hamlet.

” When the idea for the Kanilai International Festival was conceived some four years ago, we believed that we were creating a relatively small festival that would slowly grow into a world-class event. Instead with the support of the president of the republic, the festival has gained a position
across the West African sub-region as a place to be to enjoy a special cultural experience,” says a television advert that is screened to over two million people across the country on daily basis.

” We are so impressed with the level of public interest that we are poised to give more. The sub-region’s celebrated cultural performers have already started storming the country for the 14-day celebration of what the region has to offer in culture and all events free to the public,” one of the members of the organising committee informed our Banjul chief but under serious condition of anonymity for fear of being hounded.

As impressed as the members of the organising committee may be, many Gambians are of the view that there are more pressing issues confronting Gambians than festivals. Firstly, the timing of the festival have put the Gambian head of state in a funny position as it came at time when farmers are busy preparing their fields for this year’s cropping season.

” If Jammeh is indeed sincere with his clarion call for ‘back to the land, he should not distract the attention of farmers by involving them in a two-week drunken festivities that would not do them any good. Also, people want their leader to salvage them from their economic woes rather than wastefully spending public funds on events of this nature. We want solutions to our problems such as low wages and salaries, skyrocketing commodity prices, the derelict infrastructure among many woes.”

Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, July 07, 2007)
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