Gambia’s new Attorney General Kebba Sanyang is currently examining a major corruption racket case file involving the sacked Secretary General Mamburay Njie, this paper can reveal. The disgraced Secretary General was alleged to have diverted millions of dalasis into his personal use, which were extended to the Ruling APRC by the Taiwanese government for election purposes. Mr.Njie who visited  Taipei, shortly before the  country’s September Presidential Elections, was said to have been given  millions of dollars to hand deliver to the Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh. The funds they said, was intended to finance Jammeh’s third term bid, which he won with an overwhelming majority. Mamburay who was grated bail was alleged to have diverted some part of the Taiwanese election funds extended to the Gambia, which according to sources angered the President.

Leaks from the State law office say Mr.Njie is likely to be prosecuted by the state, as his case file is currently being  reviewed by the new Justice Minister. The Freedom Newspaper gathered that Mr.Njie ran unlucky with his graft schemes, when an official of the Taiwanese government confirm an enquiry into the said deal privately launched by the state house. Njie’s was alleged to have failed to hand over the global sum of money which was earlier given to him for delivery. The President said sources, has since then vowed to teach lesson to Mamburay Njie who according to these sources  is currently being placed under 24 hours surveillance by the state.

The Attorney General is mandated to give legal opinion on cases brought to him by the police. It’s gathered that the said case would be handled by season state lawyers and not semi literate police prosecutors in view of its gravity. Mr.Njie was in the good books of the President until his recent move to swindle the Taiwanese Election funds, sources said. Mamburay played a pivotal role in the privatization of NAWEC, which is now called the “National Management System.”

Sources within the APRC inner circles say the trial of Mamburay was delayed in view of what these sources called “the unpredictable revelations” that might creep up from the said case. “Remember that Mamburay also know a lot about the President. He was in Thailand and we know why he was there. Mam  is also privy of the Iranian new deal which he is poised to expose if taken to court. Taking him to court might cause embarrassment for the government. Mam executed so many dubious deals for the President. I fear for his personal safety.”said An APRC official.

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