Breaking News:Justice Agim’s judgment leaked-Captain Darboe others sentenced to death! Kanilai arms talk!!

Justice Agim’s Judgment
leaked by a GAF official!!!

By A  Roving Correspondent,Banjul

Is it wise for President Jammeh to put all the sensitive arms at his home village Kanilai, leaving the state guards ill equipped? Is it also wise for President Jammeh to  have direct access to  the Yundum armory key and jet fighter keys? What if President Jammeh lost the said keys? What happened if there is a security threat against the said security installations inquestion? These were the questions poised by a top official of Gambia’s armed forces , who lamented about the growing insecurity in the military these days. The GAF official said most of the heavy artilleries had been moved to the President’s home village Kanilai, which makes the state guards technically insecured and other soldiers across the country. The official said the GAF top brass were unhappy with the developments, since according to him”the junior soldiers are currently worried about such a security lapse, which could cost the “military dearly in the event of unexpected eventuality.”

The official told me that the President had  lost faith in them (they) the senior officers and was bent on fortifying his home villa to the expense of the Capital City Banjul. The official disclosed that there were couple of locations in Kanilai, where arms were kept, but wondered why the state house and other military facilities were being poorly secured. “Since the March abortive coup,most of the arms were moved to Kanilai. Our armories only had small guns, which is making soldiers worried by the day.Many are complaining privately, but few are bold enough to make their concerns known to the President. By publishing such security secrets, the NIA will start visiting our barracks. But this is the reality.There is no arms. All the arms are at Kanilai.”said the Gaf official.

According to the Gaf official, one of the problems confronting the state guards during the March abortive coup was lack of arms and the said situation according to him still persist.The soldier says he understands President Jammeh’s worries, but noted that in the absence of arms, they cannot effectively do their job as soldiers.”The Gambian army is very disciplined, but the President had created an environment of suspicion and disrespect among soldiers. The usual chain of command no longer exist here. Junior soldiers treat their seniors with contempt. The army should stay out of politics, but the President had succeeded in politicising the army. Most of our men dressed in APRC T shirts or risked being branded disloyal. Our army is being used to hurt Gambians.”said the official.

The soldier  unveiled plans made by President Jammeh to execute the March coup plotters.”During a meeting with us, the President told us that he was pleased that the court martial had carried out its work as expected. His intention is to execute Bunja Darboe and others. He said the coup suspects had been condemned to death by Justice Agim. Justice Agim’s judgment is in the hands of the President. The court had finally decided that these people should be sentenced to death. Come Thursday, Gambians will know what I’m talking about. I cannot confirm if these people will be executed as suggested by the judgment, but the President is a happy man at this hour. Families of the coup suspects should be in court on Thursday to pay their last respect to the accused persons. President Jammeh had dangerous plans for these people.” the soldier claimed.

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