Breaking News:Journalist Sheriff Bojang Jr To Be Deported From UK! Gambian Police issues arrest warrant!
Journalist Sheriff Bojang Jr  To Be Deported  From UK!

Gambian Police Storms Airport Waiting For the Deportee

“The Gambian Mission In The UK Accused Of “Disclosing Bojang’s Deportation” To The Police.”

By Our Correspondent

Acting on an intelligence reports, they reportedly received from the Gambian High Commission in the United Kingdom, about the deportation of prominent Gambian journalist Sheriff Bojang, an arch critic of Gambia’s iron hand dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Gambian police have mounted a 24 hour vigil at the nation’s Banjul  International airport in a bid to arrest and possibly harm the journalist, who is currently detained by the UK Home office immigration agents. Mr.Bojang a fierce critic of the Jammeh government  is held at a detention camp near London, reliable sources told the Freedom Newspaper . He was arrested by the UK’S  Immigration patrol unit and is currently awating to be deported to his native country, the Gambia, sources said. Bojang was said to have his asylum case dismissed by the British authourities, who are at this hour planning to forcefully send him out of their country. The Gambian Mission in the UK, which is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the welfare of Gambians overseas have been accused of alerting the Gambian police serious crime unit about Bojang’s deportation orders. High Commission officials were not available to shed lights on these daming allegations, but sources said Sheriff Bojang risked being murdered if he steps his foot on the Gambian soil.

Mr.Bojang’s own family  we gathered, were confronted by Gambia’s secret police about the whereabouts of their loved one. The news of Bojang deportation is wild in the streets of Banjul. Gambian Aviation officials have been alerted by state officials to monitor flights coming into the country in a to nab the journalist, said our source who works at the Banjul International airport. Our source said there have been a strong presence of security forces at the airport since the leakage on Bojang’s deportation allegedly emanating from the Gambian Mission in the UK.

Mr.Bojang who used to be a staffer at the Daily Observer, was forced to give up his journalistic job due to censorship and official intimidation. He later moved to the Bi-Weekly Newspaper, the Independent, where he worked until his departure from the country. The Independent was exposed to numerous fire bombs by a pro-government group called the “Green Boys.”

According to sources close to  the state house in Banjul, the NIA are mad with Mr.Bojang as he was accused of facilitating the escape of  former Observer Editor Omar Bah, who was declared “wanted by the government of the Gambia.” Mr.Bojang’s past private emails to Bah alerting him about the ongoing moves to get him arrested and killed by the regime have been intercepted by the NIA, which is reputed to be terrorizing the civilian populace, sources told this paper. Mr.Bah was the Freedom Newspaper, Banjul Bureau Chief prior to the hacking of this leading Gambian news medium by agents of the Gambian government. Bah who left his wife and family behind was forced to leave the Gambia without his will. He is currently in exile like many other Gambian journalists. He was being trailed for coordinating the affairs of a US based Gambian online paper, critical of the Jammeh government. Other Gambians arrested in relation to the Freedom Newspaper case were tortured and threatened with death by their captives the NIA.

Meanwhile, the Union of Journalists in the UK, which Mr.Bojang is a member have been  making efforts to ensure that Mr.Bojang was not forcefully deported to the Gambia, a country recently rated by the State Department as a non respecter of civil rights, liberties and political freedoms. Due to the country’s rights and governance crisis, the Gambia had to be suspended from the US Millennium Challenge Account.

The Gambia, a former British colony lost its most seasoned journalist, in the person of Deyda Hydara, when unidentified gunmen laid down an ambush and murdered him in  cold blood, leaving two staffers of the Point Newspaper brutallly jured. Hydara was heading home shortly after the anniversary of his Newspaper, the Point, when enemies of freedom took his life. His death forces many local journalists to go into exile.

According to informed sources, Sheriff Bojang jr,participated into the peaceful march in London to condemn the killing of Hydara.  The UK Gambian Mission, we are told have been in constant touch with Banjul on the deportation of their national, which is taking a national angle. as we pen this story together. High Commissioner Tamsir Jallow and his staff are free to react to the story, but  what we are reporting  today was given to us from well placed and credible sources at the seat of power. These sources have proven  to be dependable over the years.

Mr.Bojang’s deportation will no doubt be welcomed by the government of the Gambia, who in the recent past accuses local journalists as”asylum seekers” and agents of the West. Up to the time of going to press, Mr.Bojang has been in custody at a London detention camp, where dozens of other refugees are currently awaiting to be deported.

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