Breaking News:Jawara to Head Ecowas Mission to Lagos!

By Landing Badjie,Our National Correspondent

Jawara to Head Ecowas Mission to Lagos

The former President of The Gambia, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, would be at the head of the Ecowas observer mission to Nigeria for presidential and legislative elections in that country.This was contained in a press release from the ECOWAS bureau in Banjul and issued to the press today.
‘In accordance with article 13 of the Ecowas additional protocol A/SP1/12/01 on democracy and good governance of December 2001,Dr.Muhammad Ibn Chambas has appointed Sir Dawda Jawara as the head of the Ecowas mission to Nigeria for the forthcoming presidential and legislative elections,’ stated the press release. The mission, the release went on, is tasked with observing and monitoring the electoral processes in order to ensure peaceful,credible and transparent elections.
‘The mission will comprise of about 350 observers from all the Ecowas member states and it begins on 10 April and ends on 20th of the same month.Sir Dawda is expected to depart Banjul on Tuesday,10 April 2007 for Lagos, Nigeria,’ the release concluded.

Meanwhile, the news of former president Jawara’s appointment by Ecowas to head such a high-profile mission do not come to many as a surprise. His government has been credited on world-scale for its respect for democracy, the rule of law, human and people’s rights among other values. It was under his dispensation that the African Centre for Human and People’s right built their headquarters in Banjul.

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