Breaking News:Jammeh’s New HIV/AIds Drugs Send Patients into coma! As he runs outpatient clinics….
Saturday, January 20, 2007 (5 reads)

These pictures we are publishing today featured Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh  treating HIV infected patients in our country. The President last week announces that he had cure for aids and asthma. Already, a group of HIV and Asthmatic patients have been lined up to be treated by the Kanilai born doctor without qualifications.
Some of these patients have been living with HIV for years. Jammeh assured their loved ones that these patients would be free of HIV in days to come.
The government owned hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital has been assigned to test HIV patients treated by Jammeh to ascertain the reliability of his newly discovered aids drugs. None of those treated have so far  been proven negative. But Jammeh insists that his drugs are going to work come what may. The whole country is eagerly look forward the outcome of his drugs.

Jammeh examining an HIV patient!

President Jammeh in recent days succeeded in dominating news headlines. The President says he now have the mandate to cure HIV patients, but would not say who had given  him such a mandate. He summoned an emergency cabinet meeting in a bid to inform his colleagues about what he calls his new spiritual gift. The country’s vice president was the first to applaud Mr.Jammeh for coming out with such initiative. The VP believes that Jammeh’s aids drugs would bring a sense of relieve to aids sufferers in the country.

The first batch of aids sufferers were given some “African chams” by the President to drink. However, the patients who consumed these drugs suffered stomach pain and vomiting. Many who witnessed the Presidential outpatient clinical operation  say they fear for the health condition of the patients. “Some of the HIV patients might die as a result of the said drugs. They could be seen vomiting and visiting the toilets frequently. I’m  afraid if they would make it. The President needs to be cautioned before he would kill people.”said a family member.

President Jammeh earlier said that patients who consumed the said drugs might suffer from stomach pain, but maintains that within a period of  time the patients would recover from the world’s nightmare HIV/Aids. The Gambian leader said he had in the recent past cured some Gambian HIV patients and vows to treat more in days to come.

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