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The relationship between the Gambian leader and the country’s minister of  state for religious affairs is reported to have assumed a negative proportion. If President Jammeh’s recent action to strip Sheikh Omar Faye of the responsibility of leading the Muslim prayers whenever he and others meet Jammeh is anything to go by, then the relations between the two are indeed at low ebb.

As usual, Sheikh Omar Faye would lead the audience in prayers anytime he and others meet Jammeh but the refusal by State House to allow  SoS Faye lead the prayers when he and the Gambia U-20 team met the president lately speaks volumes about the deteorating relations between the two. The president is reportedly disappointed in his religious affairs minister because the minister was accused of wife-snatching but the minister had always maintained his ‘innocence’ that he did not snatch Ndey Njie from her former husband, Omar Adams.

Faye lately told a magistrate’s court in Banjul that he was not aware of any conjugal bond between Ndey and Omar, hence his decision to marry her. He explained, at length, that he would not put asunder what Allah put together. But SoS Faye’s explanation could not convince many that he was as innocent  as he attempted to be.

“Gambia is a small country where we all literally know each other. We are not fools and if Sheikh Omar want fools to play with, we refuse to be his fools. He snatched my wife and that’s it. He knows what he was doing but I  rest my case for now,” Omar Adams protested shortly after Sheikh Omar Faye gave his side of the story to the court presided over by magistrate Baka Camara.

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