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By Serg.PMJ

A senior official of Gambia’s National Intelligence  Agency, the (NIA)  has been speaking out about what he calls the government’s sinister and vicious plans against the Independent Newspaper and its staffers over the years.The Intelligent agent writing under the name “Serg.PMJ” who claimed to be on active duty, in a dispatch to the Freedom Newspaper explained how the government coordinated the Independent past fire bombs and the planned assassination of the paper’s two editors Baba Galleh Jallow and Alagi Yorro Jallow. According to the proclaimed intelligent agent, in this revealing and disturbing report ever exposed by Gambia’s security agent, the late Deyda Hydara and other independent local journalists were also lined up to be killed on April 10, a day in which over 14 Gambian students  were executed by trigger happy Gambian soldiers. Below is the full text of Serg’s dispatch to the Freedom Newspaper. Please read on…….


Jammeh And The Independent

The time has come for every patriotic, sincere and peace loving Gambian to divulge whatever he/she knows about the regime of President Yahya Jammeh. In this piece, I will talk about the ploy that led to the total extermination of The Independent Newspaper from the Gambia’s newsstand. No framing but only truth. I was to release the piece at the one-year anniversary of the paper’s closure but was tight up at my work place. I would at this point like to apologise for any ‘mistake’ I might make while presenting this piece. ‘Mistake’ here does not mean that the facts are not true but the style of presentation as I am neither a journalist nor an intellectual. I should also at this point not be seen as a soldier or that my rank is sergeant because of the signature “Serg”, although I am a security agent.

Since hitting the streets in 1999, President Jammeh was not the least comfortable with the way The Independent newspaper carry out its news presentation. This he keeps on talking about at the State House.

Twenty-five days after the first publication, he ordered the closure of the paper. We received the orders and I was present at what I will refer to as the “preparatory” meeting. We had no option but to execute the orders.

First Attempt

We raided the paper’s offices at Sait Matty Road in Bakau and arrested several of the staff on July 30th 1999. I can still recall the names of those arrested- Lamin N.B. Daffeh (now in the UK), Alimatou Jarra (who married to Baba Galleh Jallow and now in the US), Oleymatou Manneh (who is now married in Senegal) and Yamoundow Faye (now in the UK). Can they deny this? The two editors were later arrested and ordered to stop publishing the paper until they had the paper’s business name cleared. The business name was not going to be cleared because that was the plan but due to the pressure from especially the diplomatic quarters, the paper was finally given the green light thus it started publishing. We did not go to sleep because Jammeh was always on our neck.

Second Attempt

Several attempts were made to frighten the staff of the paper. At some point, Jammeh has to order the immigration department to question the nationalities of the proprietors. Although, the editors are found to be Gambians, their parents or grandparents were immigrants. So denial of citizenship was out of the question. All measures ranging from arbitrary arrest and detention did not scare this Patriotic and True Sons of The Gambia. Since the failure of the two attempts, the pressure intensified. We constantly receive threats from Jammeh as the journalists receive it from us. A committee was henceforth set up purposely to silence the paper. Although, I am not a political scientist but I know journalists are the Fourth Estate, after the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary of any democratic country. So these revelations are genuine and I am ready to testify before any court of law, be it domestic or international.

Back to the point, however, it was unfortunate that I was transferred to another unit but I still follow the committee’s work with keen interest, knowing fully well that they will succeed one day. This committee was given the task to see to it that The Independent is silenced.

In one of their meetings, elimination of the staff of the paper was suggested but it did not have the support of the majority serving in the committee because some see it as very expensive. But few moments later, the final decision came and I hope everybody knows where it came from- President Jammeh. And guess what- Elimination.

Shortly after, Jammeh travelled to Cuba. During the course of his official trip, April 10 strike, which was a clear-cut chance to execute the plans and obliterate all those who are targets. I must at this point mention here that these targets are not only those working for The Independent, but all those who the regime regards as critical. Knowing fully well that journalists will be on the streets covering the student demonstration, a short list was quickly drawn under the directive of President who was fully in the picture. The list include: Baba Galleh Jallow, Alagi Yorro Jallow, Lamin N.B. Daffeh, Demba Jawo, Deyda Hydara, Ebrima Sillah, Alieu Badara Sowe and Omar Barrow.

This is indeed true. Online papers have described Jammeh a killer but they were late to know it. Yes, he is one. He can kill while laughing. And I guess he enjoys it. We have people like him in the army. Majority of them are his hit men. They can be nice in public but in the cover of darkness, they are more than the German Gestapo.

However, when I heard that a list has been drawn, I was scared, keeping my fingers cross that it will not happen, but President Jammeh has given his orders, it has to be executed. The first sight of Omar Barrow at the Red Cross headquarters transmitting live on Sud FM, he is dead. May he and others killed continue to rest in peace. I was standing at the main gate of Kanifing Municipal Council at the time. I could not believe what I was seeing with my two eyes. I thought it was only a dream but it was a reality.

Lamin N.B. Daffeh was chased by some of the thugs until he had to seek refuge at one residence in Latri-Kunda. Is this not true Lamin?

Ebrima Sillah was lucky because he was with the then Interior Minister Ousman Badjie. So none of the hit men can do any harm to him at that point. Is it not true Ebrima that you came with the Interior Minister? The others were nowhere to be seen.

However, on the day of Omar’s funeral, over two-dozen agents went to cover it. All those posing themselves as cameramen who are not journalists, are NIA. Those who attended the funeral can testify that there was huge presence of the Agency’s personnel.

Shortly after April 10/11 incident, the committee meet to discuss their next move. In that meeting, the committee was told that President Jammeh advises that the army should not be involved anymore because the blame might be on the government. He suggested the “Green Boys”. But the fact is that the “Green Boys” comprises of soldiers and former July 22 militants who have military trainings. Henceforth, the committee was dismantled and the task was given to Baba Jobe and the “Green Boys”.

First Attack

There was respite until in June 2003, when preparations to attack The Independent with arson started. The “Green Boys” were briefed on their task. They immediately started to put the office premises under surveillance. They want to strike but had to stop when they were spotted on June 22 and was reported on papers. However, their surveillance was intensified and on October 18, they strike with petrol. The intension was to burn the building down. Those who visited the paper’s offices could see a fuel container on top of the corrugated roof. The matter was reported to the police but they did not turn up only 12 hours later. The reason is simple. They were not given the green light to do so. Unfortunately, this mission has once again failed. Its true that Baba Jobe was involved but the direct orders came from President Jammeh. This is the truth; Jammeh is behind all the attacks meted out to journalists.

Second Attack

After the first attack and for five months, the planning for the second attack was hatch. During the planning process, it was known that The Independent was importing a printing press into the country but it was not under its business name. The regime plan to block the importation of the printing press but were advise by people like Saja Taal that they should leave the company to import the machine. Instead, he recommended that this was the best chance for them. The press should be attacked and destroyed so that the paper will go bankrupt. It will be prudent at this point to say a little about Saja Taal. He is indeed one of President Jammeh’s advisers. He is a crook and the Agency knows that but Jammeh listen to him a lot. He can best be described as Baba Jobe 2. We know all his dealings. He had implicated many Gambians who are innocently languishing in police cells around the country. He orchestrated the arrest of Chief Manneh, a journalist, who is now in Janjanbureh Prisons. I would not want to comment about his private life but he is after all a… father. And I will not call him an intellectual. That definition did not fits him. He is more or less a common criminal who always smokes marijuana (hemps). He is not different from those who face trial of possession of illegal drugs.

Anyway, back to the point of discussion. President Jammeh adhered to the recommendation of Saja Taal. He stated that this time around, no mistake should be made. He agreed that his most trusted and best-hit men should carry out the operation. Six were identified and they were Major Kalipha Bajinka, Musa Jammeh (Maliamungu), Kawsu Camara (Bombardeh), Tumbul Tamba, Sheriff Gisseh and Sana Manjang. Bajinka as the most senior was to lead the operation. Can any of them deny this? They are all free to do so. This site I believe is a democratic site.

On April 12, they were briefed in the “Dark House” about what they should do. Does anyone know the “Dark House”? It exists and it is located at the State House. Not everybody working at the State House know about the existence of this secret house. The briefing session went like this according to our records:

They are to strike when the printers are printing on April 13.

They were to shot indiscriminately so that nobody will dare leave the building.

The 20 litres gasoline is to be poured on the machine and all parts of the room and touch.

The main gate was to be sealed so that nobody can escape and then police will report the incident as a fire accident.

Everybody has the right to describe President Jammeh a killer. He is one. He can kill while laughing and he does that in many occasions.

However, on April 13, they strike and fortunately, it woefully failed although the machine was destroyed but no live was lost. According to the report of the operation, everything was going on as planned until when one small boy among the printers manage to escape. While others were busy searching for him around the vicinity, Sana Manjang caught fire and lost his pistol. The team was then in panic, and they have no option but to leave. Minutes later, they return with the intension to recover the pistol but then it was nowhere to be found.

I was fortunate to visit the site the following day and was glad that nobody died. Anybody who was there when the pistol was recovered can take a final decision as to who was/were behind the attack. The reaction on the faces of the police when they saw the pistol automatically changes. That was it. The case was close before they left the printing premises, despite giving the impression that they are going to investigate.

The injured Sana was taken to Bajinka’s place for treatment. Can Bajinka deny this? Well you have all rights to defend yourselves. President Jammeh was satisfied this time around because the mission was successful and even rewarded his thugs.

However, when it was mention in July at the National Assembly that one of the attackers was undergoing treatment at Bajinka’s place, Jammeh orders for his immediate evacuation to Kanilai. Once again I would ask Bajinka whether he could deny this.

Despite all these attempts to silence it, The Independent seems to be stronger and determine than before.

President Jammeh then suggested the CIA style- planting an informant in the office. At this point, I must once again commend whoever worked for the paper before its final closure. Despite all attempts, the plan was not successful. We resort to use advertisers as informants and sometimes we send our men pretending to be enquiring about something. Some were station either opposite or around the offices.

However, after Deyda was killed, The Independent was seen as the most vocal paper, that was always following the issue. President Jammeh was not comfortable and thus, guess what.

Final Attack

The Secretary of State for Information Neneh Macdouall-Gaye was hire to do Jammeh’s final strike. Why Neneh? Well I don’t want to dilate on that but this site has been reporting about it for sometime. We were not directly involved but receive their reports. I am not in the position to know all those who were working on the Jammeh’s final strike plan but it include: Neneh, Saja Tall and Modou Sanyang, among others. All possible measures were looked into. Unfortunately, at some point, these people discovered that the two proprietors of The Independent, Baba Galleh Jallow and Alagi Yorro Jallow were not in talking terms. Can the two Jallows deny this? I challenge them to speak to the world and deny it. These people, some of who form the Board of Directors of the Daily Observer recommended that the Daily Observer should stop printing for The Independent. This, they said is the best chance they can capitalise on to cripple the paper. After one month from the media scene, the paper bounces back on A4. Jammeh was shock to see the paper once again on the streets. He confronted Neneh in Kanilai. I am not going to once again dilate why Kanilai and what she was doing there. Anyway, Macdouall-Gaye assured the president that she will succeed in the execution of his plan. “I need time my dear,” intelligence records shows.

Shortly after the coup, Neneh succeeded. On March 28 2006, police raided The Independent and arrested everybody. At first, we got the advice that we should charge the two most senior staff (Musa Saidykhan and Madi Ceesay) with treason but the idea was later dropped because there was no concrete evidence to link them to the alleged coup. Instead, they were seriously tortured. Musa’s hand was broke twice by Musa Jammeh. Can you deny this Musa Saidykhan? Madi got a serious knock on his right foot.

Lamin Fatty was kicked at his private part until it was swollen. Lamin I don’t expect you to say anything because you are still in the country, they might pounce on you once again. Musa and Madi were release after the South African President Thabo Mbeki threatened to boycott the AU Summit if they were not release. Jammeh did not care about the threat but was advice that Mbeki’s absence is going to be very expensive. They were subsequently released. An attempt to re-arrested them failed after Musa fled the country. His assistant Makalo then came as a targeted but fortunately for him, he is not widely known. All attempt to get him failed. However, when he took the job of an acting editor of Daily Express, Jammeh sees that as the only chance to get him. Fortunately, he also manages to escape.

President Jammeh doesn’t want to see his critics in peace. He is that type of person. He will be shock to read all these revelations on this site. When I say this site, I mean it. Jammeh reads Freedom Newspaper more than anybody else. Good Day.

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