Finance Minister Gaye Exposed By Anonymous SourceIs Geofry Renner Running The Finance Ministry Undercover?

…Minister’s Foreign Bank Accounts, Relationship With Edward Singhatey, GRA, Swiss Air Unveiled!!!

By Moro Gaye

As Gambia’s Finance And Economic Affairs Minister Balla Gaye tabled the 2007 and 2008 fiscal year budget before the National Assembly, the Minister has been accused of inefficiency, double standards, womanizing, corruption, nepotism among others. An anonymous source who reached the Freedom Newspaper explained how Balla Gaye swindled funds to overseas accounts. Gaye was also quoted of having said that Edward Singhatey, the erstwhile Forestry and Environment Secretary of State was the only decent and sober person in Jammeh’s Government and that the rest in Gaye’s opinion “ were bunch of vicious criminals.” The source who threatened to expose Minister Gaye’s overseas bank accounts online said the former MD of the Social Security And Housing Finance Corporation Geofry Renner was running the Department of State For Finance undercover as Gaye in his own words “lacks the required qualifications” to run that Department of State. Our source also went on to expose how Sara Janha, the former Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service in the First Republic helped Gaye to be hired as his Deputy, but only to be fired due to gross incompetency. Below is the full text of the source’s piece. Please read on…


 Dear Pa,

May I first and foremost congratulate you on your new born baby. So your baby is only few weeks older than the baby son of Yaha (not Yahya). They will share the same generation. I wonder whether there will be enough resources, both human and economic, left for them to have a meaningful lives in our Gambia.

Today, the SOS for Finance will lay before the members of the National Assembly, the Draft Estimates outlining the revenue and expenditure(including development) plans of government for the coming 2008 fiscal year. We should take these figures with a pinch of salt as they have been subjected to all sorts of manipulations, revisions and omissions.

I followed with keen interest one of your posting that touched on the so-called pseudo intellectuals, who are ready to change colors and serve Yaha to the detriment of the masses and in their own egoistic self-interest. One of these so-called cheap intellectuals is the present SOS for Finance.

If my memory serves me right, Mr. Balla Gibril Gaye, was never an astute student of commerce or finance. That was why he opted to do history in Ghana. Upon the completion of his studies he became a teacher at Armitage. I was one of his students he taught together with Kaba Tambajang the current GRA boss.

Balla was a drunkard then he used to hang at the Dagkas in Georgetown and would always carry with him the stench of alcoholism everywhere even during his classes. It was M.C. Cham a former Finance Minister in the Jawara regime who came to his rescue and transferred him to the Finance Department where he was trained by the likes of T.G.G.Senghore.

His only qualification to man the Finance Portfolio is his many years at the African Development Bank, where he amassed lots of wealth only to return and became Deputy Secretary General, a post that was created specially for him by his cousin brother Mr. Sara Janha who was the then SG.

Soon it was realized that he was incapable to handle that post and there were complaints from all quarters he was then asked to resign since he could not deliver and be assimilated into the service.

The AFDB post was rotational and he lobbied for it and was aided by M.C. Cham. It was never given to him based on his qualifications.

He ventured into a private business and duped his co-directors of Swiss Air, who were represented by Dr. Bora Suso. He made all sorts of spiritual and physical assault on this innocent gentleman who was only representing the interest of his Swiss friends that were duped by Balla Gaye. He amassed massive wealth by making himself the sole signatory to the company’s foreign bank account at Standard Chartered in UK unbeknowing to his partners.

Most of those wealth he would dished out to his numerous girl friends mostly the wives of his close friends. At that time, he would advice anybody to distance themselves from the government of Yaha which he would describe as ‘bloody’ the only gentleman within that group of boys was Edward, he would say.

Most of the civil servants including Permanent Secretaries would visit his office on weekends providing him with details of what transpired in their offices during the week in exchange for money and other favors. He was on top of things and would always boast of being the most knowledgeable of the inner workings of the government activities. He was information savvy.

When that business failed, he changed colors and started lobbying for top jobs in the government through the help of one of his three wives who was close to Yaha, and got himself appointed SOS.

He soon discarded his trademark (the pipe) because he wanted to make himself humble to the Big man whom he used to describe as “the Boy”. He appointed Geofry Renner his brother in Law as Chairman of GRA always seeking his advice before making any decision with the affairs of the Finance Ministry. Geoff is virtually running that department.

Now as Chairman of GRA, he allocated himself a pajero (GRA 2) and he is provided with free fuel, free telephone and get himself paid per diem for his frequent PRIVATE travels in the name of GRA. The role of the Board is advisory in nature. They are not functional agents.

The staff at the GRA are in constant fear of losing their jobs in the name of restructuring. You must be a relative, friend or mistress of Balla or Geoff before you are appointed. This should be checked. Why people like Manjo Touray or Tapha Ngum are not made Chairman of the GRA. Yaha should be very watchful about these ‘old guards’ who benefited enormously during the Jawara rein and help to destroy that regime.

I want to stop here and will come back with enough pieces on these so-called old guards. I have a lot to share with your esteem readers about these wolves now pretending to be loyal to this regime. I will touch on how Balla Gaye spearheaded the drive to have all the Permanent Secretaries, SOS and Heads of Department to appear at the Commission because he wanted to settle old scores. He claimed then that he did not even have a private car. Well that is very interesting because I will show details of his foreign bank statements for a period of five years and beyond.



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